Friday, April 02, 2004

Meals 35,000ft above ground

♥ foodies date: 22 feb 2004
virgin blue's juice & muffin
♥ what we ate on Virgin Blue
Yup. that's right. this is an airline meal and to be more precised this is the airline meal from Virgin Blue on my first trip with ShinChan to Melbourne.

The airfares was what i considered as "dirt cheap". Hey! It was only $39 one way so I wasn't there to complain when no in-flight meals was provided. This was ShinChan'sbreakfast, by the way. We took the early flight. Sadly, I didnt have much appetite to sample other yummies from the inflight menu.

♥ ate: double choc muffin
According to ShinChan, the double choc muffin ($3.00) was one of the best he had ever tasted 35,000ft above ground. hmmm. We don't get much muffins on the plane from memories. At least I dont usually get to sample muffin.

I recalled SQ's tiny and cold muffin on their breakfast meals. It wasnt that great. This double choc muffin was kinda cold too. It would have been nice if they could heat it up. But no sireee! I am not here to complain because the airfare was dirt cheap!

♥ drank: classic apple & blackcurrent juice, hot choc (not in pic)
ShinChan had the classic apple and blackcurrent juice ($2.50). The sweetness along with the sourness from the juice is great for such an early flight when you dont have much appetite but you are hungry.

Okie. Hungry but no appetite. What a weird description but that's exactly how i felt whenever i m flying. On my flight back I had a hot chocolate ($2.50). Wasn't expecting much from it but oh dear, the hot choc was good. It was thick and dense and very very chocolatey!

Best yet it is not mixed with milk. I dont like milk in my hot choc so this hot choc is definitely very "me". Definitely the best hot choc i ever tried on board. For $2.50 and given its size (a large takeaway cup), I would say it's good value for such rich and creamy chocolatey flavour. I wonder what sort of chocolate drink mix they used.....