Tuesday, May 30, 2006

\\(^(OO)^) //...I Like Pigs...

The old humble computer of mine has once again broken down. Have all my pics in there so fingers crossed I get it fixed soon or perhaps it's time for a new computer.

Anyhow, back to the topic, I had the most memorable trip of my life 2 months back. Nope, it's none of those luxurious tour where I get to indulge in exotic & exciting culinary. It was merely an overnight trip. So where exactly did Pinkcocoa go that made her so excited & squealing like a little kids?

Oh, and by the way, this is not exactly a food-related article. I just wanted to share my excitement, that's all :-p

Pinkcocoa had her first ever cute animal farm visit at Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm where she stayed at the farm's b&b - The Vale Bed & Breakfast.

There on the farm, she got to feed the animals (okay, this might not sound fun to many of you but its's fun for me. I felt like a 6 y.o again) and among those cute little animals was a special little one called Kenny, a cute little piglet living among the rabbits!

I was at the pen and decided to imitate the cute farmer's wife from Babe. *blush* (now you know my dark little secret) So I called out "Pig~~pig pig pig pig~~" just for fun and my oh my, the piglet actually reacted to my call and came to me! How clever is that little piglet?

Ever since I've been back from the trip, I have been wanting to get a mini pet pig. So perhaps this means no more pork for us? no more bacon and no more ham...?

I will have to update the pics later, soon as my computer is fixed.

♥ Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm
Jonlin Park
128 John Street
Call Farmer Lin @ 0424209730
or email: info@cuddlyanimalfarm.com

♥ The Vale Bed & Breakfast
Jonlin Park
128 John Street
Western Australia
Ph: 61 (08) 9296 2900
Fax: 61 (08) 9296 2988
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