Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Apollo Pandan Layer Cake

Apollo Pandan Layer Cake
♥ Cute Little Slice of Pandan Chiffon Cake
Ladies and gentlemen, what you are looking at here is the ever so famous Malaysian Pandan Chiffon Cake. How can you tell that it is in fact the famous Pandan chiffon cake, you ask. I only hope that what you see on your screen is a slice of greenish looking spongy little thing - the only justification I have. If it's not greenish that you are seeing, just try and imagine the cake with a green tint (er, eoowww?).

Er, no, unfortunately Pinkcocoa wasn't the one behind the making of this cute little spongy sweet thing. The only thing I did was walked out of house, headed into the car, drove to the supermarket, grabbed a pack of these cute little pandan chiffon cake, paid the cashier, drove home, opened pack, camera out, snap, snap, snap and then chomp, chomp, chomp. Oh I forgot to mention I changed my pjs into casual wear too!

♥ tabeshimashita @ pinkcocoa's some time in August 2005
Apollo Pandan Layer Cake - Package
♥ Apollo Pandan Layer Cake
I wasn't aware of this particular instant pack Pandan cake until a friend from Malaysia kept raving about how good this cake was. She had bought one single pack of this at Randwick Oriental Supermarket and fell in love with it.

I didn't get to try this until I got back to Brunei last month. And you ask, why I didn't rush out to grab a pack when the friend raved about it given the pig I am. The reason is simple, it was simply a little too expensive at about A$0.55 a pack. I spotted these individually packed Pandan layer cake when I went groceries shopping in Brunei. The price was S$2.90 for a box of 24 individually wrapped cake. Very very good price compared to the one in Sydney. I think you can buy a box of this at around A$5 in Sydney, so I guess it is still not too bad.

Apollo Pandan Layer Cake - Bird-Eye View
♥ Beautifully Browned Top
The cake has a beautiful brown top and a slight pandan aroma which I suspect is purely of imitated pandan essence. The cake was a little coarse and not as soft and spongy as I thought it would be.

Apollo Pandan Layer Cake - Stack
♥ Stack of Pandan Layer Cake
I was expecting a layer of cream between the two layers but the cream was hardly noticeable. This is fine with me since I am not particularly in love with cream. This cake reminds me of swiss roll. It would be good if it's jam sandwiched in between.

The cake is not too bad considering it is not er, freshly baked. I definitely would love this very much if I were to live in a place where I couldn't get freshly made pandan chiffon cake. All in all, I think I still prefer to buy Pandan chiffon cake made locally in Sydney. Oh, I think this makes a good snack to pack for lunch. ;-)