Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where in the World is Pinkcocoa?

RBA - Lunch
♥ Airline Meal
Yup. This is airline meal that you are seeing here, meaning that Pinkcocoa was in fact sitting on a particular airline flying to a particular place. So where exactly is Pinkcocoa now? It's not hard to guess ;-)

I am now back home in Brunei for granny's big birthday! *yay* I was flying with Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) and let me assure you, RBA is as good and as safe as any other airline. Service was great and seats were comfortably sized with plenty of legroom where you can move around in your seat quite comfortably.
♥ tabeshimashita @ Royal Brunei Airline on 14 July 2005
RBA - Juice and Peanut
♥ Juice with Peanuts
There was a wide range of juices available as opposed to the usual orange/apple juice. There were the usual orange and apple, as well as pineapple juice and mango juice. I ordered a pineapple mango juice.

RBA - Peanuts
♥ Cruncy Peanuts
These peanuts are savoury and very crunchy. I am not sure if it's quite more-ish or it was me who wanted to exercise my teeth quite a bit.

RBA - Cutlery Set
♥ Cutlery Sets
And now back to the airline meal. Cutlery came in a blue paper bag and everything is just usual - spoon, fork, plastic knife, coffee spoon and sugar, salt & pepper. Oh not to forget a toothpick!

RBA - Bread Roll with Butter
♥ Bread Roll with Butter
The longish bread roll is quite soft. I had imagined they would serve a round bread roll -> isn't this what you usually see on the airlines?

RBA - Coleslaw
♥ Coleslaw
This is probably an asian coleslaw with sweet chili sauce dressing. It was alright. I only wish it was a little more soury to kick up the appetite.

RBA - Vegetable Curry with Rice
♥ Vegetable Curry with Rice
On the day I was flying, there were two choices of meal: vegetable curry with rice or beef with potato. I wanted to keep my meal light so I chose the vegetable curry with rice. I could smell the curry aroma well before the meal cart reached my row!

The aroma smelled great. Pity about the flavour. It was a little too bland. I had to add salt to make it more flavoursome.

RBA - Snacks
♥ Cheese & Crackers, and Cadbury Chocolate
To the right of the main mail was a slice of Coon tasty cheese and arnotts crackers, butter to go with breadroll and a snack size Cadbury chocolate bar.

RBA - Crunchy Chocolate Muesli Slice
♥ Crunchy Chocolate Muesli Slice
I particularly like the dessert - crunchy chocolate muesli slice. The slice was very crunchy and was drenched in this honey/treacle syrup that I found very satisfying.

RBA - Muffin & Milktea
♥ Muffin & Milktea
After a short nap and about two hour away from te desitination, I was awaken by the smell of sweet buttery muffin! I had orange and poppyseed muffin with milk tea. The muffin was soft and very yummy.

RBA - Candies
♥ Foxs Candies
Just before landing, we were served some Fox's Candies. I am not sure about other airlines but RBA always have this candy before landing service. My favourite is the purple colour - black current flavour!

So yes, Pinkcocoa is now safe and sound back home in Brunei! I shall try to post a bit about the food in Brunei but with limited computer access, I can't promise too much. Or else I shall post about them when I am back in Sydney a week later! :-)