Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sydney Royal Easter Show Part I
Kids Carnival

Sydney Royal Easter Show
♥ Sydney Royal Easter Show
So we made it to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Yes, we were brave enough to face the crowd. And yes, we squeezed past rows of loud teenagers. And yes, we had to look out for little kiddies on the run. Oh and yes, we had a good smell of, er, animal odours too. *scratch head* It was annoying really but we did have a good time there.

We didn't visit too many areas at the Show this year. We thought it might be too tiring. Mind you, we can feel the tiredness in our bones the moment we saw the crowd at the entrance! We headed first to the Kids Carnival area. There's something I wanted to see so badly that I started to do *oink oink* in my sleep!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Sydney Royal Easter Show on Easter Sunday 2005
Movenpick Ice Cream
♥ Movenpick Ice Cream
After a short walk from the entrance, I got really excited when I saw Movenpick Ice Cream! *wow* I have never really seen it in Australia until now. But aiks, too early for ice-cream. It was only 10am. *sigh*

Oh well, let's move on and check out some of the games or shows before we went hunting for food.

Fishing Show
♥ Fishing Show
We noticed this interesting water tank while still a fair bit away from it. Turned out it was indeed a fishing show. The gentlemen standing up on the tank (or was it a boat?) was showing people how to lure and successfully capture a fish with a rubber frog which looked so real in the water. Hmm. Very interesting.

Merry Go Round
♥ Merry Go Round
What will a kids carnival be without the good old Merry Go Round!?

Pick a Duck
♥ Pick/Fish a Duck
Love this game! The yellow rubber duckies just look so adorable. :)

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Hit Me!
♥ Hit Me!
Can't remember how this game works. I only remember it was about aim and hit.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Climb The Ladder
♥ Climb the Ladder
Probably one of the hardest game at the show. All you have to do is climb from the bottom of the ladder to the top to win. Sounds easy? It's so hard to balance on the ladder especially the heavier you are, the harder it is to balance on the ladder.

The Giant Swing
♥ The Giant Swing
I think this is called the Giant Swing, one of my favourite rides at carnivals when I was little.

Pig Racing & Diving Pig
♥ Pig Racing & Diving Pig
*oink oink* This was the main reason that lured me to the Easter Show! It was a shame that we missed out on this last year.

Miss Piggy
♥ The Diving Pig After Diving
We only managed to snap up this shot of the pig. Everything happened so fast and this year, the diving pig only dived once! Last year, she dived twice. Awww, a little disappointed.

It was hot and we decided to hunt around the kids carnival area for some refreshment.

La Cremeria - Premier European Ice Cream
♥ La Cremeria - Premier European Ice Cream
There seemed to be quite a few newcomers from the ice-cream industry this year. We didn't try this particular ice-cream though since we wanted something solid in our tummy first.

Flame Grilled Burger
♥ Flame Grilled Burger
Good old fashioned burger with milkshake or thickshake are everyone's favourite!

Twisted Fries
♥ Twisted Fries
And we didn't forget about the fries. And this were no ordinary fries but twisted fries! I tried this last year but wasn't really impressed with it. The appearance reminded me of curly fries from A&W but the texture was totally different.

Fairy Floss
♥ Fairy Floss
How could we have missed fairy floss!

♥ ToffeeApple
And toffee apple!

Lollies & Refreshment
♥ Lollies & Refreshment
Uh-huh! Here we go. Found the perfect refreshment we wanted - slurpee!

Lollies & FairyFloss
♥ Lollies & Fairy Floss Tub
On the counter were colourful lollies and very colourful fairy floss in a tub.

Giant Rainbow Slurpee Sign
♥ Giant Rainbow Slurpee Sign
We spotted this sigh at the far right of the counter.

Giant Rainbow Slurpee
♥ Giant Rainbow Slurpee
And decided to get one of these. You need to work really quickly to finish it off else you would get a big pool of mixed flavour. *yikes*

We left the kids carnival area soon after the piggy show and gulping down that giant rainbow slurpee. There were too many kids around for us to avoid, er, I mean handle, er, I mean..ah well! You know what I mean!

Next up will be more pics of us wandering around the show in search for more food!

Sydney Royal Easter Show
Sydney Showground
Sydney Olympic Park

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Kids Carnival


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pinkcocoa's first try at wild games! - Cumin Guinea Fowl

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of post recently. I have been busy preparing job applications and the lengthy job application processes are getting a tad too frustrating. Gosh, I never know jobhunting can be so tiring and exhausting! I am feeling all the energy is slowly draining out of me these few weeks. However, I do miss foodblogging. I have been thinking about it ever since my last update especially when I still have to post about Sydney Royal Easter Show! So guys, be patient, the posts and pics will come soon, er, I hope. *fingers crossed*

Now, if you remember I have actually bought my first ever wild games in my life at the Pyrmont Market in March. Oh yes, I am trying to expand my culinary taste and skills here. You can say I am a little adventurous but I guess coming from a Chinese background, it's not exactly too hard to accept wild games like guinea fowls. I have had goose (yummm), deer meat (yummmmmm), and apparently I also had frogs without knowing it was frogs! I thought the frog dishes were chicken because in Taiwan, they called frog, the chicken of the rice field (tian ji). Er, cant think of any other weird stuff that I had eaten at the moment. Oh, perhaps ants during my visit to China donkey years ago.

Cumin Guinea Fowl
♥ Cumin Guinea Fowl
Anyhow, let's get back to the main topic. The nice old lady had given me a few recipes on how to cook the guine fowls and I picked one that seems the easiest to cook. It had turned out rather nice, and very much like a curry.

So read on for the recipe!

♥ Cumin Guinea Fowl & Side Dishes
The cumin gives an Indian touch to the guinea fowl so I decided to serve the fowl with some stir-fry cabbage with a little bit of turmeric powder added to it. Then I did a quick tomato scramble egg with a little paprika added to the egg mixture.

♥ Cumin Guinea Fowl
1kg Guinea Fowl Maryland
Juice of 1 lemon (I used lime)
30g plain flour
1/2tsp salt
1tsp cayenne pepper
30g ghee or butter (I used veg oil)
1 onion, finely chopped
1 clove crushed garlic
2.5c piece of fresh ginger, finely grated
1tsp cumin seed (I used ground cumin)
1/2C cream (I used evaporated milk)
1/2C natural yogurt
strips of lemon rind pared very finely

  • Brush the guinea fowl with lemon juice and set aside for 15 minutes.
  • Mix flour, salt and cayenne.
  • Drain lemon juice from guinea fowl pieces and dry before dusting with the flour.
  • Melt ghee or butter in a heavy frying pan over a medium heat. Lightly brown guinea fowl on all sides and remove.
  • Add onion, garlic, ginger and cumin seeds to the pan and cook until the onion is transparent.
  • Add cream, yogurt and lemon rind.
  • Return guinea fowl to the pan, turning pieces in the sauce until they are coated. Cover and simmer gently for 40 mintue or until the guinea fowl is tender.
  • Lift the guinea fowl from the sauce, arrange on a platter of heated rice. Increase the heat and reduce the sauce by boiling for a few minutes. Season if required.
  • Pour the sauce over the guinea fowl and garnish with lemon twists.
Cucumber & Tomato Raita
♥ Cucumber Tomato Raita
I also served the cumin guinea fowl with cucumber tomato raita since the cumin and the paprika add a touch of Indian-like curry taste to dishes. Cucumber raita is perhaps the most common raita served with a curry dish in India.
What I did was rub some salt into diced/cubed cucumber and leave it for about 15 minutes. The salt will draw the water out of the cucumber, else the high water content of cucumber will make the yogurt very watery. After 15 minutes, squeeze the cucumber to extract more juice. Discard all juice. Wash the cucumber and squeeze lightly and drain. I did the same with the tomato but I removed the seeds first before doing the salt-rubbing stage. Add the cucumber& tomato along with a pinch of salt to some natural yogurt. Mix and voila~ Easy instant cucumber raita, the perfect soothing companion to hot Indian curry!

So how did the fowl taste like? The meat is slightly reddish in colour and is a little chewier then chicken yet it is quite tender and smooth. I dont think I would describe it as succulent. Oh it does have a texture with a slight resemble to turkey but it's so much smooth and softer and tender than turkey. *yikes* I am sorry about my horrible description of the guinea fowl. I guess my brain isn't working that well after quite a few exhausting weeks.
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Artisan Gelato at De Luca La Cremeria

As you may now be well awared that I am a gelato-frenzy, so much so that I almost, at one point, picked up a nickname called "pinkgelato" or "the gelato crazy woman" (nicknames courtersy of ShinChan). I also have the reputation of "easy-to-feed-as-long-as-you-give-her-gelato" girl. Very funny! No?

De Luca La Cremeria
♥ De Luca La Cremeria
I know I have just posted about gelato at Dolcissimo last week. There was also one on Gelatomassi. We also love the chocolate gelato at Il Baretto. On my search for some of the best gelato in Sydney, how could I possible have missed out on Norton Street, Leicchardt - Sydney's Little Italy where there are streetful of Italian cafes, restaurants and food retailers!

This time we ventured to De Luca La Cremeria for some artisan gelato (the new word for high-up-there gelato?). It is one of the few gelato places in Sydney where gelato are made from scratch. Note that this is not "made fresh daily on premises" but it is made from scratch ie. from making and measuring fresh ingredients to mixing it to churning it.

♥ tabeshimashita @ De Luca La Cremeria on 10 April 2004
I have in fact missed out on a few opportunity to trying out De Luca La Cremeria in the past. Somehow we always just missed their closing time by a few minutes and we had to move further down Norton Street to Bar Italia to calm our cravings.

De Luca La Cremeria Gelato Cart
♥ Gelato Cart
On approaching De Luca, we spotted an antique (and very cute) gelato cart. Apparently it is the one that owner Luigi De Luca had been using to sell gelato back home in Sicily. This just reminds me of the ice-cream man on Orchard Road in Singapore. (Yes, I faithfully visit one of them each time I am in Singapore. Love the rainbow bread with rainbow ice-creams.)

Yummilicious Gelato at De Luca La Cremeria
♥ Yummilicious Gelato!
Now at the gelato bar are 18 flavours to choose from! Don't be shy to ask for a taste. Given the number of gelato flavours, it took us 10 long minutes to decide what flavours we want! I could not resist but requested for a taste of Rose Petal. Yes. Rose Petal it is. And oohlala! I have a mouthful of rose petal swimming inside and the sweet aromatic flavour linging on even after the gelato was down in my tummy.

Have I mentioned the Italians are very friendly people? I think I did and I never had much problems taking photos inside an Italian eatery. But of course, you'll have to kindly ask the shop first as I have learnt from the past.

How the gelato looks like behind the counter
♥ Pinkcocoa behind the gelato bar!
And look at how a little question turned out to be a super cool experience for pinkcocoa! I was allowed to go behind the counter and take some photographs. Yaaaahooooo~

Beautiful Gelato
♥ Beautiful Gelato
Flavours on top row, left to right:
Mixed Berries
Rose Petal!

Flavours on bottom row, left to right:
Chocolate Chilly (you can catch a glimpse of it at the corner!)

And more beautiful gelato!
♥ And More Beautiful Gelato!
Flavours on top row, left to right:
Sicily - a mix of citrus fruits
Figs (A$1 extra)
Mixed Berries

Flavours on bottom row, left to right:
PannaCotta - vanilla & caramel
Italian Custard
Ferrero Rocher

Coffee, PannaCotta & Sicily Gelato
♥ 3 Scoops Takeaway A$5.50
After a few discussions, we decided to have Sicily, Pannacotta and Coffee. The Sicily proved very refreshing especially with the two other cream-based gelato we had. Pannacotta was smooth and silky. Please give me more of this! The Coffee flavour was creamy but not overly sweet with a strong bitter-sweet flavour from good coffee beans.

I regret about sharing the gelato with ShinChan. The gelato just made me want more, more, more and more! Oh yeah. I am a pig. I am glutton when it comes to gelato. :p

♥ De Luca La Cremeria
106 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW
tel. +61 2 9564 1127

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Grave Sweeping Day: Taiwanese Popiah

It was Qing Ming yesterday. Qing Ming Festival is also known as Grave/Tomb Sweeping Day, the day when the Chinese visits tombs of their ancestors not only to pay their tribute but to sweep and weed graves. This act of tidying up grave sites of ancestors and deceased family members is what we called sao mu ie. sweeping the graves. It falls 4th of April of the normal calendar(?), and not the lunar calendar although it used to be.

Run Bing - Taiwanese Popiah
♥ Taiwanese Popiah
I am in fact not entirely sure about what is the food culture of Grave Sweeping Day as we children were not allowed to visit the graveyards at home. It's probably just a culture of my family, given that we had to wake up as early as 5am in the morning and that the family is rather superstitious when it comes to this sort of matter. They thought children not appropriate to be presented on such a sacred site.

I am sorry I couldn't give you a detail of what the Cantonese enjoy on such occasion. I am, however, a little familiar with what the Taiwanese eat on the day: a cousin of Singaporean popiah called run bing 潤餅.

The following are just photos of my version of Taiwanese Popiah. Not much elaboration this time. I will just let the photos do the talking in the mean time.

♥ tabeshimashita @ pinkcocoa's kitchen on 05 Apr 2005
Taiwanese Popiah Dinner
♥ Taiwanese Popiah Dinner for Qing Ming
Taiwanese Popiah (assorted fillings rolled up in a paper thin flour skin) is different to the one in South East Asia in that, you get to pick the fillings you like and roll the popiah yourself as opposed to having a large pot of ready-mixed fillings and spoon & roll yourself. I understand that The South East Asian popiah also have condiments on the side that you can add.

Generally, Taiwanese popiah includes fillings like shredded carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, strips of eggs, braised beancurd strips, shredded meat, beansprouts and the most important condiment would be the peanut powder!

And of course, we shall not forget about the popiah skin. I am not sure if we could get fresh popiah skin here in Sydney. Does anyone know? Any idea? Anyhow, we are not able to get fresh popiah skin in Brunei too so the best replacement would be frozen spring rolls sheet. I wasn't able to buy a pack of large spring roll sheets so we had to be contented with the smaller size. This just means more spring roll but we couldn't pile up the fillings as high we would love to.

Assorted Fillings for Taiwanese Popiah
♥ Assorted Fillings for Taiwanese Popiah
Clockwise from top:
- strips of egg
- thinly sliced mushroom braised in a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine and sugar
- crunchy preserved radish (caipoh)
- stirfry of thin strips of carrots and onions
- chinese lapcheong (Cantonese preserved/waxed sausage)*
- strips of cucumber

*In Taiwan, you would use Taiwanese sausage and not lapcheong!

Vegetables Filling for Taiwanese Popiah
♥ Vegetables Filling for Taiwanese Popiah
From top:
- stirfry shredded savoy cabbage
- five-spice beancurd strips
- branched beansprouts

*what's missing here is bamboo shoots! Forgot to grab a can of it at the supermarket >.< First layer of peanut powder
♥ First layer of peanut powder
So first, grab a popih skin and lay a teaspoon of peanut powder (ground peanuts mixed with caster sugar) onto the skin. Make sure you keep the rest of the popiah skin moist by covering it with a damp teatowel else the skin would dry out.

Second layer of vegetables
♥ Second layer of vegetables
Basically, the next step is grab whatever you like and lay it on top of the peanut powder. We started by laying some vegetables first.

Third layer of meat and other condiments
♥ Third layer of meat and other condiments
Then we moved onto the assorted condiments. We love caipoh in popiah because it not gives a nice salty flavour but also adds crunch to the bite. Be sure you don't ladle the skin with too much filling or you will have problem in folding the roll up.

Fold a corner of Popiah Skin
♥ Fold a corner of Popiah Skin
Now comes the time to roll it up. So first grab the bottom corner of the popiah skin and fold it over so that it covers the fillings.

Oh, I forgot to mention popiah skin is traditionally round and not square like the one I had there. So if you managed to grab some fresh popiah skin, it doesn't really matter when you start folding.

Rolling and folding Popiah
♥ Rolling and folding Popiah
Fold the 2 ends to the centre, making sure you tuck all the fillings under the folded skin. As you can see here, I have over-ladled my popiah with too much fillings! I am such a greedy pig. And yes, I had a bit of problem folding it over. Don't repeat the same mistake I made, people!

Taiwanese Popiah Done
♥ Enjoy your personalised popiah
The final step is just to roll your popiah over.

ta daa~ Enjoy your own personalised popiah ;-)

I personally love the caipoh, peanut powder and the sweet mushroom. ShinChan seems to like it all but his favourite would be the caipoh, peanut powder and lapcheong. Too bad we didn't have any bamboo shoots else it would be even better.
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Monday, April 04, 2005

Pinkcocoa's Foodblog is One!

I have been so busy these few weeks that I almost forgot my little foodblog baby is turning one on Saturday! It was on the 2nd of April, 2004 that Pinkcocoa first laid a tiny seed called pinkcocoa's foodblog to sprout and grow.

Happy Birthday to Pinkcocoa Tabetai!
♥ Happy Birthday to Pinkcocoa Tabetai!

And look at my little baby now. How it has grown. I am definitely looking at it through the eyes of a loving mother. :) Having moved from a smaller site (Pinkcocoa's Xanga) to where it is now, Pinkcocoa's foodblog has definitely grown.

If not for this baby, I would probably not have chanced upon so many good friends from all over the world who share a similar love and passion in food. All those wonderful comments and feedbacks from everyone of you out there are undoubtly a wonderful bliss that has helped my baby to slowly crystallise. I can say this foodblog have inherently brought me on a quick carpet ride to taste and see the world, from Japan through to Singapore to New York to Hawaii to Malaysia and to Sydney!

PinkcocoaTabetai is One!
♥ Pinkcocoa's mini birthday party plate

A short history on Pinkcocoa's Foodblog
I don't think I have ever mentioned how Pinkcocoa's foodblog came to sprout. It was a simple enough reason, really: just to have fun. It started around mid-March last year when I discovered a cute site about airlines food: I simply thought it was fun to submit an article or more so a food photo with descriptions of the food. So I did. I wrote a short article about my food on Virgin Blue, emailed it and it was published. Simple as that. In order for families and friends to see the article, I decided to post it up somewhere on Xanga where I had an account.

Initially the foodblog started out as merely a mini food diary that commemorates the food journal that ShinChan and I have started out, and for families and friends to turn green and be very envious about the food we have down under. The blog has taken off since then with many surprising visitors. This is much to my surprise. I would never have thought someone (yes, you, you and you!) whom I never have met in my life would visit my humble blog and read my feeble posts based upon my own personal muses.

I have also found I could be quite "long gas" (chang qi, long-winded) at times and I wonder how many of you would actually read every single words. But thanks everyone! If not for you all, my baby would not have grown and structured so well today!

*hugs to everyone*

Pinkcocoa Tabetai Birthday Party
♥ Pinkcocoa Tabetai is one year old!
To celebrate my baby's first ever birthday, I came up with a mini party plate made up of three cute mini desserts/sweets originated from countries that have always aspired Pinkcocoa in her food-fun adventure!

Clockwise from top: mini chocolate cupcake from the Western world of baking, dorayaki:
mini pancakes sandwiched with assorted fillings from Japan (yes I have a love for Japanese food), and last but not least, nyonya pineapple tart from South East Asia, the region where I grew up and shaped much of my culinary compassion.

♥ Happy First Birthday, Pinkcocoa Tabetai! ♥
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Sunday, April 03, 2005


You thought I would let a dinner escaped without ending with the grand finale? No way! After our pizza dinner at Napoli in Bocca, we headed across the street to Dolcissimo for some Italian sweets and desserts.

Dolcissimo - Yummilicious Gelato
♥ SMH Good Food Guide 2005 Best Gelati!
Whenever Italian sweets and desserts are mentioned, the first thing that pops up in my mind instantly is none others but the adorable gelato ie. Italian ice-cream. I personally much preferred gelato to its distant sibling, the super rich and creamy ice-cream mainly because it is not as creamy. I like ice-cream with a slight icee-bite to it. Of course gelato is not all icy and it can be very rich and creamy too.

♥ tabeshimashita @ Dolcissimo on 29 Mar 2005
Oh, I guess by now many of you would know that it was the Italian who first invented ice-cream? Anyhow, back to the main topic, we decided to grab takeaway instead because it was getting late. It was definitely a hard decision there when we had to pick out which gelato we want. In the end, we grabbed a 3 flavour takeaway cuppa ($4.70) of hazelnut, tiramisu and passionfruit to share between us.

Sorry, no pics here. Someone was holding the gelato and er, I had a bit of dificulty trying to get near it. As with the taste of the gelato, unfortuntely, D (ShinChan's brother) didn't like passionfruit too much. He said it was too sour but we found it quite tangy and tantalizing. D seemed to have enjoyed the tiramisu and hazelnut more because he finished the 2 flavours up after we had a few spoonful of the gelato.

Besides gelato, we also grabbed some Italian sweets.

Dolcissimo - Sweets Display
♥ Sweets on Display
Dolcissimo offers a wide range of biscuits/cookies, a few cakes , tarts, and muffins. There was also a chocolate-cream choux pastry and the chocolate mudcake simply looks so divine and evil!

Dolcissimo - Tartufi
Tartufi A$1.50
This was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I was checking out the sweets display. It's a giant ferrero rocher! I couldn't resist and bought one. If ShinChan and D weren't there, I would probably grab 2 of these. One for tonight and one for tomorrow night! :p

Dolcissimo - Ferro Cavallo
Ferro Cavallo A$1.50
This is one of my favourite cookies/biscuits: horseshoe-shaped shortbread with two ends dipped in chocolate and sandwiched with chocolate ganache. The shortbread is soft and crumbly with a bit of "melt-in-your-mouth" texture.

You could tell this is my favourite because I couldn't resist (again) and had gobbled one end down on the way home. *Oops*

Dolcissimo - Anonymous Sweets
♥ Anonymous Sweets
I thought this would probably taste very much like Ferro Cavallo A$1.50 above with a crumbly texture but this is much softer and chewier. It is also sandwiched with chocolate ganache. Not sure what this is called though. Does anyone know?

Dolcissimo - Lemon Shortbread
♥ Shortbread with Lemon Icing A$1.50
I like the lemon icing which is crunchy and quite tangy. Good with a nice cup of tea. :-)

I was wary about photo-taking inside the restaurant after a rather unpleasant experience at Max Brennan just the day before. But we decided to try our luck and asked Dolcissimo if we could snap some pics of their gelato and sweets. Know what they said?

"Go on. You can take as many as you like!"

The answer was truly music to my ear. I didn't snap many photos though, in fact the two you see here are the only ones I took. There were other customers in the restaurant. Didn't want to disturb them too much. :p

98 Ramsay St
Haberfield NSW
tel. +61 2 9716 4444
open 6am - late

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Napoli in Bocca, Haberfield

Oh dear. It's really been a long long time since I have included a post on eating out in Sydney. It seems that Pinkcocoa has followed the trend of having more homecooked food than eating out. I guess with eating in, it not only saves my expanding figure but also my shrinking wallet if we eat out. :p

However it is obvious that when one has too much of the same thing or does too much of the same thing, one gets bored and sick of it. Exactly what happened to me. Got sick and wary of turning into a huang lian puo: literary yellow faced lady which takes to mean a woman who minds the house and eventually loses interest in her appearance, letting her image looks dull and er, unsightedly.

Napoli di Bocca - Rucola e Prosciutto Margheritta Pizza
♥ Rucola e Prosciutto Pizza
It so happened we had a craving for pizza. Where did we go? Haberfield, of course! Yes we drove all the way to Haberfield just for pizza with bonus of picking up some yummy gelato later. ;-)

♥ Tabeshimashita @ Napoli in Bocca on 29 Mar 2005
We were in fact heading to La Disfida only to find that it has closed. It was our second time to Haberfield, so we decided to walk around and see what Italian goodies the suburb has to offer us. To our delight, we found Napoli in Bocca just off the main road. It's been sitting high in my to-eat list for a long while now. I totally forgot it's also in Haberfield. It also has a branch in Leichhardt.

Woohoo~ We could still get our pizza craving fixed!

The restaurant has a very homey atmosphere. The gentleman who served us was rather hilarious and made me laughed a few times. It's such a comfy and relaxing place to dine in. We can talk and laugh as loud as we want to.

Napoli di Bocca - Out From Oven
♥ Pipping hot from wood fire oven!
So we decided to order 2 pizza and a salad to share between the three of us. We were lucky to have a table next to their terracotta wood fire oven and ShinChan was put on a mission to photograph our pizza when it came pipping hot out from the oven. Of course we received permission from the pizza man.

There they were, our pizza. Actually one calzone (left) and one pizza (right). Look at how high our calzone has puffed up.

Napoli di Bocca - Cutting Calzone
Calzone getting cut up
The calzone (pronounced cal-zo-ne) was cut into 4 portions. Yes, you are seeing the very handsome pizza man at work there. Er, I mean seeing his arms.

So I guess you might like to meet the charming pizza man?

Napoli di Bocca - Drizzling Olive Oil over Calzone
♥ Pizza man at work!
Ta daa~ Here he is, displaying the art of olive oil drizzling. Our very dear and charming pizza man turned into a celebrity right after this photo was taken. A few of the waitpersons went up and tried to get his signature! There was even a few claps and bows!

Now you see what I mean by a homey restaurant! And funny too.

Napoli di Bocca - Dig In
Rucola e Prosciutto Pizza A$17
We ordered the special pizza: Rucola e Prosciutto(rocket and prosciutto) Pizza with a margherita base. You can pick any sort of base you want for the pizza. We simply asked the waitperson to recommend a base for us.

The pizza is somewhere between the thick crust and the crispy thin. The base is rather soft and is rich with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese. Yup, you get that pulling stringy cheese effect when you tried to grab a slice of pizza. We did found the pizza a little on the wet side, probably from the olive oil and the very generous amount of tomato sauce and cheese on top.

I really like this pizza because of the amount of cheese on it and also because of the simplicity to the pizza. Not many appreciate the more classic Italian pizza like I do. For eg, our dining companion (ShinChan's little brother, D) did a few complain.

While looking at the menu
D: Hey, where's the meat on the menu?
ShinChan & Pinkcocoa: er......

When food arrived:
D: hey, why is there no meat on the pizza?
ShinChan & Pinkcocoa: There. There. The prosciutto is Italian ham mah. Also considered meat.
D: Geez. There is so little meat,
ShinChan & Pinkcocoa: Well, this is the more classic type
D: little meat!

D was probably thinking something like pizza hut or domino. Can't blame him though. He's still young. ;-)

Napoli di Bocca - Calzone
♥ Calzone
What's a calzone? From what I understand, it is simply a pizza folded over. The calzone here has a filling of tomato, mozzarella, olives & mushroom, olives, anchovies & capsicum. It has a very soft crust that is topped or perhaps I can even say drenched with lots and lots of tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. *yum* I always thought calzone has a rather crunchy (ie hard) crust from my experience in pizza hut and other places.

He! I would love to bring this to lunch. Yup, the whole thing. :) I am thinking the calzone makes a good picnic yummy.

Napoli di Bocca - Caprese Salad
♥ Caprese Salad
We had also ordered a caprese salad which is a salad of tomato, bocconcini cheese, basil and olive oil. It is a very simple yet delicious that can be easily duplicated at home.

Our salad came very late. In fact, we had to remind the restaurant that they had forgotten our salad. The salad arrived shortly soon with plenty of apologies. We were also told that we had been given extra on the salad to compensate for the lateness. Clearly, the restaurant is very good in doing business. ;-)

We love the relaxing dining environment here. We love the pizza which we actually found to be bigger size than we thought it would be. The portions, in our standard, are generous. We had to bring home one third of the pizza and half the calzone home in the end. Gosh, as I am typing I am reminiscing over the soft chewy and succulent and juicy margheritta pizza!

Napoli in Bocca
73 Dalhousie Street
Haberfield NSW
tel. +61 2 9798 4096

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