Sunday, April 03, 2005


You thought I would let a dinner escaped without ending with the grand finale? No way! After our pizza dinner at Napoli in Bocca, we headed across the street to Dolcissimo for some Italian sweets and desserts.

Dolcissimo - Yummilicious Gelato
♥ SMH Good Food Guide 2005 Best Gelati!
Whenever Italian sweets and desserts are mentioned, the first thing that pops up in my mind instantly is none others but the adorable gelato ie. Italian ice-cream. I personally much preferred gelato to its distant sibling, the super rich and creamy ice-cream mainly because it is not as creamy. I like ice-cream with a slight icee-bite to it. Of course gelato is not all icy and it can be very rich and creamy too.

♥ tabeshimashita @ Dolcissimo on 29 Mar 2005
Oh, I guess by now many of you would know that it was the Italian who first invented ice-cream? Anyhow, back to the main topic, we decided to grab takeaway instead because it was getting late. It was definitely a hard decision there when we had to pick out which gelato we want. In the end, we grabbed a 3 flavour takeaway cuppa ($4.70) of hazelnut, tiramisu and passionfruit to share between us.

Sorry, no pics here. Someone was holding the gelato and er, I had a bit of dificulty trying to get near it. As with the taste of the gelato, unfortuntely, D (ShinChan's brother) didn't like passionfruit too much. He said it was too sour but we found it quite tangy and tantalizing. D seemed to have enjoyed the tiramisu and hazelnut more because he finished the 2 flavours up after we had a few spoonful of the gelato.

Besides gelato, we also grabbed some Italian sweets.

Dolcissimo - Sweets Display
♥ Sweets on Display
Dolcissimo offers a wide range of biscuits/cookies, a few cakes , tarts, and muffins. There was also a chocolate-cream choux pastry and the chocolate mudcake simply looks so divine and evil!

Dolcissimo - Tartufi
Tartufi A$1.50
This was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I was checking out the sweets display. It's a giant ferrero rocher! I couldn't resist and bought one. If ShinChan and D weren't there, I would probably grab 2 of these. One for tonight and one for tomorrow night! :p

Dolcissimo - Ferro Cavallo
Ferro Cavallo A$1.50
This is one of my favourite cookies/biscuits: horseshoe-shaped shortbread with two ends dipped in chocolate and sandwiched with chocolate ganache. The shortbread is soft and crumbly with a bit of "melt-in-your-mouth" texture.

You could tell this is my favourite because I couldn't resist (again) and had gobbled one end down on the way home. *Oops*

Dolcissimo - Anonymous Sweets
♥ Anonymous Sweets
I thought this would probably taste very much like Ferro Cavallo A$1.50 above with a crumbly texture but this is much softer and chewier. It is also sandwiched with chocolate ganache. Not sure what this is called though. Does anyone know?

Dolcissimo - Lemon Shortbread
♥ Shortbread with Lemon Icing A$1.50
I like the lemon icing which is crunchy and quite tangy. Good with a nice cup of tea. :-)

I was wary about photo-taking inside the restaurant after a rather unpleasant experience at Max Brennan just the day before. But we decided to try our luck and asked Dolcissimo if we could snap some pics of their gelato and sweets. Know what they said?

"Go on. You can take as many as you like!"

The answer was truly music to my ear. I didn't snap many photos though, in fact the two you see here are the only ones I took. There were other customers in the restaurant. Didn't want to disturb them too much. :p

98 Ramsay St
Haberfield NSW
tel. +61 2 9716 4444
open 6am - late