Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Very Different Banger and Mash

Salmon Sausage with Mashed Sweet Potato & Wilted Baby Spinach
♥ Salmon Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash & Wilted Baby Spinach
And so we gobbled up the pack of salmon sausages from Northside Produce Market over the weekend. Yes, we were just so glutton. Sorry the sausage in the pic looks a little like a fat crawling worm but don't let the look fools you!

And now you ask how good were these sausages from the sea? It's absolutely divine!

My first ever decent western meal in Aussie was actually a large plate of banger and mash in Handorf, Adelaide Hills. The fat and succulent and juicy sausages together with super creamy mash topped with gooey gravy instantly becomes one of my favourite angmoh (a Hokkien phrase refering to Caucasian, which when directly translated takes to mean red hair) comfort food.

♥ tabeshimashita @ pinkcocoa's kitchen on third weekend of Mar 2005
I haven't had banger and mash for a while so I thought why not give banger and mash a tiny twist: salmon sausages served on top of sweet potato mash with wilted baby spinach on the side. I am not sure how twisted this banger and mash is but I sure know this is fair healthier. I made the creamy sweet potato mash by adding a dash of skim evaporated milk and a pinch of salt and I grilled the sausages.

Delicious Salmon Sausage
♥ Simply Divine Salmon Sausages
I really don't know what to say about these salmon sausages. The sausages were stuffed full of delicious salmon, onion, parsley. I think I have missed out this other ingredient. Oh well, who cares. As long as it's yummy, I am not complaining. :p

The salmon filling was already well seasoned so we enjoyed it without any sauce. And the sweet potato mash was a nice companion to the salmon sausage. It's a little sweet and probably serves a little like palate washer? Just one tiny thing: the sausage has a very, er, salmon-fishy taste. So I guess if you don't like salmon, you won't like this.