Monday, March 21, 2005

Northside Produce Market - March

Northside Produce Market

I think I have a thing for markets. Not just any markets but markets associated with food. My new found passion for the year 2005 is probably food shopping at growers markets! The markets are the only incentive to shove me out my comfy doona that early (think 7am) on a Saturday morning. It's really the atmosphere and all the delicious food tasting that gets me super excited. :)

It was not long ago that I visited the Pyrmont Growers Market. And here I was, at yet another food market. This time at Northside Produce Market which I have visited numerous time. Okie. Maybe it's only my third time but I vowed to try to head there on the third saturday of each month.

This time I found the market more flamboyant and lively than my first visit in January. There were more stalls, more people and more food to taste! *yay* The following are just a few food pics that I managed to snap while my hands and mouth were not busy doing some food tasting.

♥ tabeshimashita @ Northside Produce Market on 19 Mar 2005
♥ Salmon!
I missed out on their salmon sausages (5 sausages for A$10) last time at Pyrmont Growers Market. This time we were there early and yup, we managed to grab hold of one pack. The sausages are so yummy that we finished it the weekend we bought it! Salmon sausage post to follow up, I promise.

Smoked Food
♥ Smoked Food
Can't quite remember the name of this smoked house. They have really delicious looking sausages, bacons, chorizo. I so wanted to get some but we already bought a pack of salmon sausages. Maybe next time....

♥ Greens and Vegetables
As usual, the greens and vegetables are so fresh that many couldn't wait to get their hands on some. The vegetables at the markets are not necessarily cheaper than those from suburban fruit markets but they are certainly gleaming fresher, greener and crispier to me!

Kei's Ginger Bud
♥ Kei's Kitchen Ginger Bud
We love Kei's Kitchen Almond Miso! And their noodle dressing. *yum* The kind Japanese lady that we talked to had already been in Australia for 30 years. They planted these ginger buds themselves. They also planted their own gingers and yamaimo! And I thought I couldnt find yamaimo here in Australia.

Kei's Bonsai Baby Yam
♥ Kei's Kitchen Bonsai Yam or Baby Yam
It was the first time we saw such a cute yam! The baby yam was rather crunchy and slightly bitter. Apparently it is good when cooked with rice.

♥ Mirrabooka Farms' Peaches
We had been buying lots and lots of peaches from Mirrabooka Farms. This was their last batch of peach for the year. They are now busy picking apples (red delicious!) so we can expect to see quite a bit of apples next month. They also have fairly priced figs at A$0.50 each!

♥ Tropical Fruits Gift Pack - Rambutan
I was delighted to see rambutan but disappointed at the price. It was just too costly (at least in my standard). The punnet there, I think was selling for A$15. To think I could buy a large bunch by the roadside back home for S$1. Anyhow, I shouldn't really compare because rambutan is considered as exotic fruits here so I guess the price was still fair in some sense.

Gumnut Florentine & Cookies
♥ Gumnut's Florentines and Cookies
I love their florentines!

Gumnut Chocolate
♥ Gumnut Chocolate
But I love their chocolate more! The furthest left is chili truffle chocolate. The middle one is just boxful of mixed truffles and the one on the right is Easter special only - Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun Chocolate. There was also chocolate easter eggs. I managed to grab the last pack of the eggs (5 cute eggs for A$12)

♥ Breakfast at Northside
After some shopping and food tasting, we were a little tired and hungry again! So we grabbed a alrge mug of hot chocolate to share, a slice of banana bread from Shepherd's Bakehouse (I love their fruit buns and three sisters chocolate ganache at the Spring Picnic last year) and soy chocolate ganache in coconut shell from Rowie's Cakes.

Some disappointments at the market though. Apparently we were still late and didn't manage to grab any hot cross bun for Good Friday! Aiya...

Northside Produce Market
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at:
200 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
ph. 02 9922 2299

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