Thursday, November 18, 2004

Spring Picnic
Part II: Sweets and Snacks

There was a need to satisfy our sweet tooth after filling up our tummies with all the savoury yummies at the GFM Spring Picnic.

Pariya: Choc-coated turkish delights
♥ Pariya Chocolate-coated Turkish delights $3
Pariya was actually the first stall that we visited. I was bewitched by these scrumptious-looking turkish delights. Not hard to tell which one I bought.

yup. That's right. The pink one. It's pistachio turkish delights coated in strawberry chocolate. There were also almond turkish delight (in dark choc only) and macadamia turkish delights (in white choc only).

The strawberry chocolate was really toothsome! The turkish delights was soft and chewy. yum~

My Little Cup Cakes
My Little Cupcake
I just love this stall. It's so enchanting and fairy-like. I stood there for a long time just marvelling at all the gorgeous colourful cupcakes.

My Little Cup Cakes
♥ Pretty scrumptious little cupcakes
Just look at these! And the cute pink flower teapot and strawberry teapot. I couldnt stop saying kawaii~

My Little Cup Cakes: Lime Friand
♥ Lime Friand Rose $3
Then I spotted this beautiful rose. I thought it was cupcake too but it was a lime friand.

To tell the truth, I have never had a friand in my life before. I always opted for muffin. This friand was rather dry with a strong hint of lime and coconut. Ah. C-O-C-O-N-U-T. It's on my to-avoid food list. I only managed to gulped down 2 bites and left the rest to ShinChan. Who would expected there be coconut in such pretty rose?

RoseBay Bakery
♥ Dinky-di Pies & Patisserie
We bought an apple slice here for $2. The pastry was puffy and crusty. Very very nice.

The guy who served us was really funny too. When asked which slice he would recommend, he went:
I personally like the apple slice. Oh. Hang on. Actually the pear slice is nice too. So is the apricot slice. How about some linzer slice? It's really yummy too. I usually have a slice of the apple one everyday and oh! and that pear slice too. and that too. this too. that too. (pointing at everything)

Funny guy! The stall also has mini quiches. I cant remember how much they were though. We regretted later after we had the apple slice for dessert that night. *shucks* Should have bought more!

Shepherd's Bakehouse Sweet Breads
♥ Shepherd's Bakehouse Sweet Breads
We headed back to Shepherd's Bakehouse just before we were to head home to stock up on some sourdough. I was excited to spot their sweet breads.

from left to right:
custard tart
assorted muffins

Shepherd's Bakehouse Sweets
♥ Shepherd's Bakehouse Sweet Things!
I couldnt have opened both my eyes and mouth bigger at the same time we saw their sweets section! The slices just looked so inviting! There were almond slice, apple slice and linzer slice if not mistaken.

And what's that chocolatey spikes on the right?

Shepherd's Bakehouse Three Sisters
♥ Shepherd's Bakehouse 'Three Sisters' $3.50
It's called The Three Sisters. You must be wondering why. It's actually named after the famous rock in Blue Mountain here. Shepherd's Bakehouse is from Blue Mountain. You go figure!

The Three Sisters has a base of shortbread topped with 3 peaks of soft creamy chocolate fudge (or is it chocolate ganache?) with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. This was my dessert.

It was just so wholesome. Scrumptious. Luscious. Heavenly. Divine. Enticing. One of this is enough to shut a chocoholic up for a day. hm. Maybe two if you are a serious chocoholic.

Shepherd's Bakehouse Lemon Mrytle Sourdough
♥ Lemon Myrtle Sourdough $5
We grabbed the aromatic sourdough at the same time. We had the lucky last! *yippe*

Shepherd's Bakehouse Fruits buns
♥ Shepherd's Bakeh0use: Fruit Buns 50c ea. or 6 for $2
I had been eyeing the fruit buns ever since our lunch visit there. We were only going to buy 2 fruit buns but these guys had really good sales tactic. All they simply said was the more you buy, the more discount you get. *gees* I should have figured this out earlier.

They offered us 6 buns for $2 and we took the offer. They gave us an extra one for free! *yay* What a lucky day.

The fruit buns are really tasty with chunks of dry fruit pieces almost every mouthful. (fyi: I usually take really small mouthful when I eat so that explains how much fruits were inside the bun!) These needed to be served warm with butter else it's a little too dense to chew on.

*note: You can find Shepherd's Bakehouse at all the organic food markets in Sydney.

Sweet Potato Chips
♥ Sweet Potato Chips $2 a bag
We love sweet potato (also known as kumera). How could we let go of the chance to grab some sweet potato chips? The aluminium pack is original sweet potato chips. This has a natural sweet flavour. I like this better but ShinChan likes the spicy chips in the brown paper bags.

Maggie Beer Burnt Caramel and fig Ice Cream
♥ Maggie Beer's Burnt Fig Jam and Honeycomb & Caramel Ice Cream $3
We didn't know Maggie Beer actually has an ice-cream line! Apparently these tantalising ice-cream is served in business class on all Qantas flight!

The ice-cream was very creamy with a very natural caramel flavour. I like the honeycomb inside. *darn* Once again, why didnt I buy more home? argh. Regrets regrets!

Though I mentioned I was a little disappointed with this year's Spring Picnic, I still enjoyed the event as much as last year. It must be the good weather and the green leafy environment in Centennial Park that's alluring! We had a thoroughly good and relaxing time especially after a hectic week of moving houses!

I can't wait to for the next spring picnic to come next year!

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My Little Cupcake
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