Tuesday, October 26, 2004

not a sweet darling: korean rice cakes

Korean Rice Cake
♥ korean rice cakes A$2.40
I bought this the other day in Chatswood's Lemon Grove foodcourt. The slimy green colour with bright yellow-coloured mung-bean paste might not seem to be one of the tasty colour combination.

The rice cakes has a weird interaction between the sweet and the savoury. The rice cakes are actually rather tasteless on its own. It's not sweet but there is a certain amount of saltiness in it. The mung-bean paste on the other hand, is very sweet.

The verdict? I like it. It's very chewy. I didnt like it on first bite mainly because of the salty flavour in the greenish rice-cakes. I was expecting a sweet rice cake. Apparently most korean rice cakes can be rather tasteless with a slight hint of saltiness.

Just dont expect too much flavour from this rice cakes. Many non-koreans find the rice cakes bland. I remembered a friend on his first encouter with korean rice cakes screamed "darn, this is tasteless" and thereafter spitted out what he had eaten. A little rude but that tells you if you like heavily flavoured food, this is just not for you.:-)