Friday, October 08, 2004

The Day After Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's glazed Devil Food
It's confession time! *yikes*
Alright. Alright. Who's there to cheat? I mean here's a girl who cannot live without chocolate for a day and on the table just a few metres away lies this to-die-for evil looking double chocolate doughnut. It was definitely trying to seduce me, that evil little chocolate dough circle.

so i had another Krispy Kreme doughnut after the one i had in the afternoon. this time the glazed devil food. even though my chocoholic crave was acting strongly last night, i was actually quite reluctant to have another KK doughnut. I still havent managed to shake off the greasy after-taste of the half that i ate in the afternoon.

Krispy Kreme: evil little chocolate dough circle
♥ the evil thingie
as a matter of fact, my flatmate actually saved up the chocolate doughnut for me (awww. how sweet!). it's a perfect excuse for me to snarl down that 3-highs (calorie - fat - sugar) doughnut. *cheeky grin*

my gluttony last night sent me to punishment today. I am feeling extremely bloated ever since i chowed down half of the chocolate thing. I couldnt shake off the greasy after-taste in my mouth for the whole night. The uncomfort associated with the greasy-feeling almost got to a point where i began to feel nausea. I wonder why is that? Did anyone out there have problem with the after-taste of doughnuts?

Shaved Iced Delight: Frozen Orange Juice
♥ Shaved Ice Delights: frozen orange juice with condensed milk
to counteract that greasy feeling, i made this as a light refreshment in the afternoon: shaved ice made from frozen orange juice. lucky i froze one large chunk of orange juice in the freezer last night. all i had to do was take it out from the freezer, chuck it into my ice-shaver. let my arm do a few turns. shave. shave. shave. drizzle over sweeten condensed milk. voila! instant frozen refreshment. perfect for a hot day. :-)

i am a shaved ice fanatic. i eat it even during the cold winter months! it's low fat and low calories. not a great threat to the waistline but you do need to watch the type of toppings you put onto your shaved ice. some toppings are extremely fattening. watch that amount of condensed milk you drizzle too! i actually found the orange juice shaved ice nicer without condensed milk. personal preferences basically.

there is just so many type of shaved ice versions you can come up with. the wonder of shaved ice! i sure am gonna have fun playing around with the shaved ice this summer!