Friday, September 24, 2004

a little teaser

Alritey, I am hoping to get my foodblog start running next week. Just in time for the mid-autumn festival. think of all the mooncakes I get to eat. hmrf. please do not remind me in any case of the waistline-expansion side-effect of these sweet little chinese pastries.

Posted by Hello little koala sun-baking on a warm and sunny spring afternoon

maybe i should have post up a mooncake photo instead of a cute little choccie koala.

*pinkcocoa deciding whether to take the koala away*

nope. i am going to leave it up there. i can see the koala begging me not to take him away. right now our very dear mr. choccie koala is sitting next to me on my desk. oh dear. why would i ever think of eating him? i am such a cruel cruel chocoholics. *aiks*

'nuff of my rubbish writing for now.