Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Joy of Baking
{adventure#02} Triple Chocolate Rum and Raisin Muffin

Yet another muffin project. The rum and raisin bit is done according to ShinChan's demand after sighting a rum and raisin muffin ad

♥ foodies date: 13 August 2004 (friday the thirteen!)
♥ where: pinkcocoa's kitchen

This muffin was a choco-alcho-holic delight. The 'choco' bit to satisfy pinkcocoa the chocoholic. As with the 'alcho' bit...I will leave that to your judgement. *grin*

Let's have a look at the ingredients I used:

♥ bacardi rum and classic chocolate milk
I think i am supposed to use dark rum. Oh well. Who cares. Anything in the pantry would do. To make the muffin more chocolatey, I decided to use chocolate milk instead of the normal plain milk.

♥ rum-soaked raisins
Sorry for the out of focus here. Still a long way to go on mastering the skill of food photograhy. Initially i only planned to soak the raisin overnight but the muffin project was pushed backwards. So the raisin ended soaking in the rum for 5days. They were very plump and juicy. We actually used the left over as topping on ice-cream. *yum*

Chocolate bits

♥ chopped cadbury dark rum and raisin chocolate
Half a family-size block of cadbury dark rum and raisin chocolate was added into the muffin mix. At first, I chopped and added about a quarter of the block but they seemed to dissappear into the mixture so I decided to add in more and more and more. I chopped more and more and more until I used up half a block (which really is the remnants of my chocoholic pigging out the night before)

Triple chocolate:
1. chocolate milk
2. chopped chocolate bits
3. cocoa powder (i added 2 heaped tablespoonful)

rum and raisin:
1. rum soaked raisins
2. rum (about 3-4 tablespoon of rum)

I have also reduced the sugar to half of the original quantity.
Creaming method was used.

♥ just out from the oven
Phew~ I was worried the muffin might not rise. Luckily, they did and completed with several beautiful cracks on the muffin.

♥ triple chocolate rum and raisin muffin
I was a little disappointed to find the muffin without a very heavy rum aroma. ShinChan reassured that he could smell the rum but somehow I couldnt smell it.

First bite into the muffin, ShinChan said the muffin wasn't very rum-my. It wasnt until he got to the raisin bits. It was overly full of rum. After one muffin, he smelt like an alcoholic. Unfortunately, the muffin is on the dry side. I wonder if it has to do with the sugar that I omitted. More room for improvement i guess. I have to find the perfect pinkcocoa muffin mix!

One extra note: We heated the muffin up for supper and it tasted better than eating it cold. we served it with leftover creme anglaise from Simmone Logue. Yummilicious!