Tuesday, August 03, 2004


You would have thought Super Size Me would have put pinkcocoa, the health freak (who eats junk food) off from eating burger indefinitely. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Burger is comfort food. Even better on a cold winter night. Ok. It wasnt that cold the night we went for burgers but hecks, who need a reason to enjoy a burger!?

♥ foodies date: 30 July 2004
♥ where: burgerman, bondi

♥ typical american meal? burger, chips + beer
(sorry we skipped on the milkshake which is made with homemade syrup)

Burgerman's menu is short and simple. You can tell whether the restaurant is good by just looking at the menu. If the menu has got everything from spaghetti through to your chinese fried rice and then burgers, you should have second thoughts about dining there. Oops. I think I am describing a typical hong kong tea house or cafe. *aiks* But mind you, Hong Kong tea house or cafe does carry good food though not all of them.

Anyway let's not detour from the main topic. I was saying burgerman's menu demonstrates its dedication to burgers. From memory, there is the classic burger and then you can do a few variations with the classic by adding cheese, onion, chili relish etc. Price of the classic burger starts from $6.90. And then there's also other type of burgers: grilled steak, grilled chicken, grilled fish. Vegans are also catered for: tofu + polenta or veggie pattie. *yum*

Service was friendly and fast. Our order came in 5 minutes! We also noticed there were a lot of people coming in for takeaway on a friday night.

♥ blue stripe steak with beetroot, pesto, rocket and balsamic onion $10.90
ShinChan ordered the blue stripe steak burger which is new on the menu. The steak was seared on the outside and still rare inside. Not a fan of rare meat, ShinChan and I actually thought the steak didnt taste rare at all. In fact, it was done just right. Reminded me of Japanese beef tataki though.

♥ dissecting the burger
*the pool of red liquid at the bottom of the pic is the juice from beetroot
ShinChan thought the burger was a little too plain on the taste. A tiny sprinkle of salt was added to the steak. The result was amazing. The burger was instantly transformed to something of a gourmet, making ShinChan devouring the burger in silence.

I particularly like the basil pesto. I know many people are put off with the idea of beetroot but seriously beetroot does add an extra sweetness to the burger (and perhaps fibre?). Shame about the 'blood' that continued to drip from the burger because of the overly juicy beetroot.

pinkcocoa: can i take a pic of the blood on your plate
ShinChan: (trying to rid the evidence up by wiping with serviettes) NO! CANNOT. it's too ugly and messy.
pinkcocoa: aiya. come on lar. just one pic.
ShinChan: (very firmly, up to a point almost jumpy and still attempting to wipe out the evidence)NO
pinkcocoa: *shucks*

♥ bowl of chips $5
chips also come in side portion @ $2.80
My craving for chips continued throughout the day even though I already had a small portion of chips from the fish meal with k at lunch (i shall post about this soon). So I made ShinChan ordered a bowl of chips to share between us.

The chips are superb, I must say. Probably one of the best I have ever tried in sydney. The chunky chips are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Just my type of chips! The chips are very well seasoned so it can be enjoyed on its own without any sauce. Imagine a sauce frenzy like pinkcocoa eating chips without sauce! That must be some kinda chips *grin*

♥ cute tomato-ketchup holder
While there, pinkcocoa discovered a cute kitchen apparatus: a roundish tomato-shaped ketchup holder. I wonder if it comes in a chili-shape for chilli sauce.

♥ be afraid. be very afraid. the spiky-burgerman is coming to get you
This is a 'ketchup art' of pinkcocoa in collaboration with ShinChan: the spiky man with spiky moustache.

ShinChan: hey that's not moustache. the spikyman is drizzling saliva
pinkcocoa: but it looks like moustache
ShinChan: it's saliva....

♥ piggly wiggly
pinkcocoa: ok. last round of ketchup for the remaining chips. what you want me to draw?
ShinChan: hmmm. let's draw a piggy's butt
(what kind of request is this!?)

We certainly had fun being creative with our 'ketchup art'. It's probably a little rude to do such a thing in the public: playing around with food. But i am sure most of you as a kids would have done something similar before. This rudeness helps to simulate creativity in children and who knows one might grow up to be a famous artist or designer.

we were very satisfied and well-indulged walking out from burgerman. we shall be back, burgerman!

♥ Burgerman Bondi
249 Bondi Road
Bondi NSW
mon-sun 12noon-10pm
ph: (02) 9130 4888