Thursday, July 15, 2004

The day has come...

*scream* *screech*
i was actually feeling rather grim today, having just had a sleepless night. adding to tiredness, my stomach is playing up on me too. it keeps telling me to eat constantly. argh. weird constant hunger pang. my guess would be it's pms else i couldnt explain the muscle pain and soreness that comes together with the stomachache. there are 2 special things that i would like to share with you today. it's non-food related too.

© foodies date: 15 July2004
~ selamat hari jadi ~
to our very dearest sultan of brunei who turns 58 today

it was bastilles day yesterday. and silly me. i told jackie that today was brunei independence day. Oops. i was too preoccupied with the thought of independence day. i was reading something about 4th of july last night and together with bastilles day in france.

here goes the news about sultan of brunei 58th birthday.

~ the dreaded news ~
oh yes.yes.yes.yeah! yay! yo! it's time to celebrate!
i was feeling really really down until just then. those who spoke to me before this moment would have known how depressed i was feeling. then in came the email that reigns my future. i believe my sleeplessness last night may have something to do with this.

the mail from unsw student information and systems office
-results of assessment for session1 2004-

2 simple words. I pass.
3 simple words. I am graduating.
It's unbelievable. I mean i am really graduating.
That marks the end of my uni life too! wow. I am still very overwhelmed.

~ time to celebrate ~
I shall celebrate tonight! I shall have fun tonight. I shall partay partay partay til I drop today.

It's one happy pinkcocoa you have here. *grin grin grin*
*scream* *screech*