Thursday, July 01, 2004

Cakes: one tiny extra episode

I couldnt stop thinking about those David Jones cakes ever since my last post. I went to the city yesterday but I didnt conduct my usual ritual of walking around my favourite section of the DJ foodhall. why? because i got to the city a tad bit too late! by 5 minutes. sigh. I watched the security guard locking up the glass door. *sigh*

So to make up for my 'loss', I shall relate back to this tiny one little extra episode that i had with dong liang when we were at DJ foodhall.

© foodies date:
the two cakes-crazed girl were looking at the large cakes display
dong liang: omigosh. the cakes look so nice.
the two girls' eyes were beaming with joy and excitement
pinkcocoa: ya loh. why dont u buy back home for your aunt and cousin? or even better. buy one n bring back to KL.
dong liang: u think can bring or not? i am worried it might become cacat on the plane
pinkcocoa: hmmm i think can lah. just be careful lor
dong liang: then u think can the cake can keep up to 1 week or not?
pinkcocoa: er....i dont think so.....
dong liang: awwww. my bf's bday is just a week away. i want to bring back this cake for him lar. it looks so delicious
pinkcocoa: ohhh that cake ah. that's delicious. *yum* it is a very rich dense chocolatey taste. the funny little decorations are meringue i think. very crunchy and yummmmmmmmmm
dong liang: huh~ really cannot bring back ah?
pinkcocoa: er....dont think so loh
pinkcocoa: nevermind. i help you take picture then u can show your bf this cake that you intended to buy
dong liang: ok ok. that's very good idea. *grinning*

♥ l: chocolate mousse cake decorated with white and dark choc curls
♥ r: chocolate concorde cake
dongliang was referring to chocolate concorde cake

so then pinkcocoa proceeded to take pictures of this delicious *chocolate concorde cake*. i couldnt resist but to include chocolate concorde's neighbour in the photo too. to be honest, i was a little worried about me taking photos of the cakes and other tid-bits in the foodhall. many times, i have been warned by the staff in other shops when i tried to take photos of the food and the shop with good intention of course. i just want to show people how good the food was, that's all. i didnt meant o violate the 'copyright' issue.

the last time i was at max brennan (chatswood branch), i took a picture of their suckao gift set on display in the shop. the staff came to me straight away and told me off, saying that they had copyright issue and customers are not allowed to take photos of their products. i was asked to remove *all* photos from my camera. *sigh* what a kill joy. i had a really good time with katty there. anyway this shall not stop me from writing about max brennan (my next post!).

To have a preview on max brennan, check out Sydney Food Diary.

Hey Dong Liang, make sure you give me a detailed description on your boyfriend's reaction when he sees the photo of choc concorde okie? i will post up on max brennan soon. Ohhhh chocoholic heaven!