Thursday, May 13, 2004

Who Am I?

As my fingers move across the keyboard i could not hesitate but repeatedly ask myself "who am i?" now that's an interesting concept because to many, i am "shinhaw" or "shin" or "pink" or "pinkcocoa" or "jingyi". yup. many nics or do you call that names? it really depends on the chronological order that one started to know me. now the word 'know' is interesting too because to what extent can you clasify as 'knowing' someone? does merely acquinting onto one's name falls under the 'knowing' definition? isnt all this concepts very philosophical?

anyway you must be wondering where i m getting to. i am on a quest in search of my identity is what i am getting at. more specifically, i am interested in finding out what kind of food personality i possess. oh yes. everything has just come back to my one and only hobby (beside sleep and shopping of course): food! i happened upon a few 'know-your-personality' quizzes online and tried them.

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♥ What Candy Are You?

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very true about the whinging bit i would say. not so sure about the sweet heart bit. the only times i have heard yours truly being called 'sweetheart' are when i chanced upon some nice old ladies that i have met either in the supermarket or local vinnies or libraries. oh yeah. i am one spoilt-brat!
seriously i have never tried a baby bottle pop before. maybe the next time i popped into the lollies store i will get one. i will be hiding in my closet suckling this pop though. it's rather embarrassing for an old soul like moi to suckle in front of you crowds.

♥ What Pie Flavour Are You?

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i love peach. it is my favourite summer food. this year i have been lucky enough to tried out white nectarine and white peaches. they are juicy, tender and tastes milder. the fragance and aroma of peach. yum. queen yellow peach is really nice too. i wish it is summer time once again.

pretty interesting tests arent they?
try it out and tell me your result and see how compatible we are