Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Chocoland on Fed Square!?

foodies date: 22Feb2004
Arintji's Hot Chocolate
♥ Arintji's hot chocolate
Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
how i wish i live in chocoland! a hardcore chocoholic I am, the best thing to take in the morning is a nice cup of hot chocolate. I could die without having any chocolate in any day. I am sure there are many out there who's just like me *grin*

drank: Hot chocolate with a twist (?)
The cafe or rather cafe-restaurant where we had this hot choc has got a cute name called Arintji. Not sure how to pronounce it but i would guess it's something like a-rint-ji.

It was still early morning when we reached Melbourne. *gees* I havent woken up so early for a long time now. I desperately needed a chocolate dose to wake myself up or else I was on the verge of collapsing on the streetscape of Melbourne city. Right. ShinChan won't have liked that to happen. I am really too heavy to be carried around.

We headed to Federation Square (Fed Square for short). There were many contemporary cafes and restaurants there with a very European ambience. I felt like I was visiting Germany. Dont ask me why Germany, but the whole atmosphere at Fed Square just has this so-not-Australian character. It reminded me of Frank Gehry somehow.

We decided to head to this cafe with very comfy-looking outdoor seating area right opposite The Chocolate Buddha. The long communion wooden table and bench looked comfy and relax.

I ordered a hot choc and expected it to be just the good old normal hot choc served in a mug but no! I was really surprised when the waitress brought up the drink!

Pouring Chocolate syrup into milk
♥ having fun with my chocolate syrup
A picture speaks a thousand word. ;-)

The chocolate syrup was a little too sweet though so I didnt add the whole lot. The hot choc was delicious. It would have be even more perfect if it came with a choc chip muffin! This hot choc actually reminded me of Max Brennan's suckao.