Thursday, April 22, 2004

A Fishy Affairs with Chips

I had a craving the other day. has anyone tried eating chips with sambal asli, a type of indonesian chili sauce. not exactly sure what sambal asli means but i m definitely sure that chips with sambal asli is better than chips with ketchup, or as a matter of fact, salt & vinegar chips the oz way. the best chips i have ever had was chips from a chicken shop on goodwood road back in adelaide. for $2 you get a huge bag of chips. when i say huge, i mean it. normally a $2 bag can feed at least 3-4 people. bad news for mcD chips fan. it's not french fries styled chips. it's the fat, thick and chunky homey chips i m talking about here. in sydney i happened upon 'A Fish Called Coogee', which obviously is down in Coogee Beach. it has got the best chips i ever had in sydney. the thick chunky home-cut chips.

A Fish Called Coogee - minimalist shopfront

exotic marinated seafood $3.90/100g
add on 70c/100g for cooking

anyway i m going way out of my topic here. i m supposed to talk about fish. okie. let's get back to where i was supposed to be from the start. 'A Fish Called Coogee' is one of my favourite eating places in sydney. it's a seafood emporium. the must try is its wide range of exoctic marinated seafood. my favourite includes its thai fish cake and balinese sambal marinated anything! green leafy salad, stir fried asian greens and steam rice are also on the menu. very healthy!

© foodies date: 9April2004 @ A Fish Called Paddo (good friday)

♥ ate: moroccon tuna, thai fish cake, salad, chips with balinese sambal sauce
A Fish Called Paddo is a branch of A Fish called Coogee. yup spot on! it's in paddo, at Five Ways on glenmore road. the ambience and setting of Paddo is very much like the Coogee one. nothing is new or surprising there. i guess this is the only down side but on a brighter note, at least i wont be disappointed with the food quality. we had thai fish cake and morrocan tuna this time. we ordered the tuna medium but it came up pretty well done. oh i must mention the balinese sambal sauce. it tasted so good with everything! and chips to me was just perfect, as was the salad, which was there because i wanted a more balanced meal.

©foodies date: 20April2004 @ A Fish Called Coogee

♥ ate: bbq octopus, chili & garlic swordfish, chips with byo sambal asli
the Coogee branch is pretty much the same as the Paddo branch. this time we tried chili & garlic swordfish, marinated bbq octopus and of course my favourite of all - chips! i brought my own sambal asli this time. and i have to express my gratitude to jessie & derek who brought me some oporto chicken chili sauce back from work, so i brought them along too.

A Fish called Coogee/Paddo is on the expensive mark along the conventional fish & chips eatery yet on the cheaper end of the upmarket seafood restauranteur. the food is good but i wont recommend the conventional fish & chips. the serving of fish is on the skimpy side. if you are looking after the ordinary fish & chips, i would recommend 'fhip & chish' (not sure if i have got the name right', which is just on arden street, next to the kiosk on coogee beach. their fish burger is just superb. ohhhh..i am beginning to hear seagulls 'mine-ing' in the distant background.....