Tuesday, April 20, 2004

AirlineMeals.net Contribution

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what a great day it is today. it wasnt one of the brightest day during the week for me because today is a tuesday. never have liked tuesday unless of course it is a public holiday. tuesday means a 10am auditing class ie. need to drag my butt, my body and most importantly my brain & my mind away from my full of softness, warmth and love sleeping mate. urgh. what a great day not! i have just merely recovered from my pre-uni syndrome on monday night and a tuesday 'early' morning class just isnt helping my recovery at all.

brain and mind were still in sleepy mode when i returned home today. body did the same old routine. reach home - take off shoes - put down bag - switch on computer - go online - check mail - maybe chat a little - and of course eat at the same time (it's a time saving strategy or the fact that i merely couldnt leave my beloved computer alone for a minute while i m home). brain, mind and body suffered from a jolt of joy when checking mail. sleepy mode has been switched to excited. pinkcocoa is finally awake at 4.30pm.

yes yes yes. it is the mail in my bigfoot. not just any ordinary mail but "the mail" from AirlineMeals.net informing me that my contribution on VirginBlue meal has been posted on their website on 17April. yes yes yes. it's my first ever public contribution on the net. if you recall, the virginblue meal is dolci and QQp foodies' first ever foodblog. i have elaborated a little more in my foodblog than on AirlinesMeal.net. but anyhow do check out AirlineMeals.net especially check out my entry under virgin blue.

To view my contribution
1. visit AirlineMeals.net
2. go to Browse Thousand of Meals
3. Find Virgin Blue. it's the first one on muffin and juice (the same pic i post here)
i am excited. Are you excited? *grin* happy viewing!