Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Cakes Affair

© foodies date: 23Feb2004 (Brunei's national day!)

i thought i would love the taste and smell of a creamy cheesecake for the rest of my life from the day i met the cheesecake family when i was just 14. boy, was i wrong. let's fast forward to just 10days before this pic was taken. it was valentine's eve. shinchan and i have just finished watching 'the last samurai' at fox's studio if my memory hasnt got me wrong. hunger pang hit us and it was almost midnight. we headed to cafe comity on oxford street and ordered a piece of their in-house passionfruit cheesecake. i wasnt sure if it was the hot weather or was it the late night. the cheesecake was just too creamily cheesey. the 'cheesiness' has just gone over my boundary of what's too cheesey and what is not. i developed headache and a little nauseous after just a few bite. this was the first time in my life that i couldnt finish a slice of cheesecake on an empty stomach.

ate: sultana cheesecake slice & poppyseed strudel
and now 10days later, there we were at st kilda's beach. my eyes sparkled on the sight of cakes displayed on the windows of the popular continental cakeshops. shinchan bought a slice of sultana cheesecake and a poppyseed strudel at one of the cakeshop while i bought a few cookies at a french bakehouse next to the cakeshop. i thought i got over the cheesey-headache issue with comity cafe. but *sigh* i havent. the moment i took a bite of the supposedly-yummy cheesecake, headache striked me again. i tried another bite, another wave of headache striked. shucks. there goes my love to cheesecake.

nevertheless, shinchan enjoyed the cheesecake, saying it's really good. he didnt like the poppyseed strudel though. it was too full of almond aroma. my guess is almond meal is one of the main ingredient in the fillings and topping. you can see the almond crumble on top of the strudel in the pic. i enjoyed my cookies and saved some for later. besides the cheesecake and strudel, we also bought plum cake from another cakeshop down the road. the plum cake is something different. the cake is not very sweet which suited us since overly sweet stuff is a no-no for both of us. the plum on top of the cake was sour yet sweet. a perfect match to the cake. needless to say, the cake was perfect for a cool day at the beach! shinchan and i actually fought over for the last bite. *blush* i guess you can tell we eat like pigs now.

just to make it clear that we were not pig, we didnt finish the strudel and cheesecake. we brought it home and it took us 2 days to finish them. i had the strudel for breakfast and snacks, left the whole piece of cheesecake to shinchan. *evil evil me* lately i have been getting overdose on many goodies, so much so that i m starting to have phobia even on the thought of it. one of them is cheesecake. i suppose it is a good thing? no cheesecake = no weight gain. but then again my latest food interest has shifted over to smoothies and carrot cake. dont think it's so much better than cheesecake, aye?