Saturday, May 08, 2004

Chilling Out @ CoolBar on Anzac

© foodies date: 7May2004
i was walking along anzac parade on my home just the other day when i noticed the old optometry shop that has closed down for quite a while was being renovated. from first instance, it seemed to be an internet-cafe-like thingie. a few days later when i happened upon the same path home, the shop was almost done and i could see their menu bar already up. my heart skipped and eyes sparkled instantly on notice of the stuff on their menu. my new 2004 addiction: smoothies! yummy. i vowed that i shall keep this new spot called 'coolbar' in mind.

coolbar's 'pacman' logo
7may marked coolbar's opening. pinkcocoa, ShinChan and ken went for a drink on the night of their opening after we helped ken moved his stuff to his new place. our first impression was 'oh. another momo9.' for those of who dont know, momo9 is another modern and trendy cafe just down the road from unsw

the seating area of coolbar
their dining furnitures are quite unique in a sense. the style and quality is probably one of the first in kingsford. pity the plasma (is that a plasma, enlighten me please!) wasnt showing anything. maybe they still need time to set it up. hmmm only if they do weekly screening of movies. that would be nice. i am sure this would attract a lot of movie- enthusiats too!

here's a sneak shot of coolbar's menu. doesnt it look yummy?

coolbar offers a wide range of icecream from serendipity. just out of your interest, serendipity is a premium icecream manufacturer based in marrickville. they also make passionflower's lovely icecream. *yum* coolbar's icecream bar includes flavours in taro(yam), greentea, blacksesame, lychee sorbet and even durian! very passionflower-like icecream bar. o well. coolbar uses icecream from serendipity so that explains it.

ken: (pointing excitedly at the menu) let's try this. the galaxy*
shin: no wayyyyyyyy! (worried about her already thicken waistline)
peter: hmmm we are better off coming in after kendo with a large group of kendoka occupying the whole place and eating galaxy. after training you eat more too. (what a good tactic)
ken: ................(obviously disappointed)

* the galaxy is a compote of 16scoops of icecreams

♥ l: pinkcocoa's sweetdreams
♥ r: ken's green devil

sweet dreams
rambutan, lychee, apple juice, pineapple sorbet and ice.
green devil
kiwi fruits, green tea, sorbet and ice
coolbar also has bubble teas on their menu but on the more pricey side @ $4.90 which is the same as the smoothies. i would rather go for the smoothies since i know i can get cheaper bubble tea from across the road (tea inn). 'sweet dream' wasnt too bad. it's very light and refreshing. somehow i just couldnt stop comparing all smoothies to viva's. to be honest, i would rather have viva who has really thick and rich smoothies (at the same price but larger size too!)

♥ ShinChan's Chocolate Fudge Cake
the cake reminds me of dough's chocolate mudcake. i wonder if they actually order them from dough. other cakes on display are
- a nutty-looking tiramisu cake
- a rich coconut humming-bird cake
- a thick caramel cheesecake
- mini chocolate layered cake (cant remember the name)
besides the cakes, there are also steamed pork bun (pity the price is a tac too expensive @$3.90), waffles with icecreams and siumai.

coolbar is nice addition to the kingsford bit of anzac parade. it is one of the first in the area. hang on. there's still momo9 just down the road, across from BP. as for the smoothie bar, well coolbar is a later-comer than the smoothies bar at unsw. cant remember the name but their smoothies and juices are pretty good (@ a good price of $3.80 too) both cafes have good atmosphere, sadly their food isnt that bright and a tac on the pricey side too.

pinkcocoa's meta-rate is currently at her lowest at the moment *yawn* yet there is still no comments on coolbar's atmosphere and their cutlery etc. perhaps ShinChan, would you take on the honour and write me a commentary on coolbar? 3Q~

♥ Coolbar
470 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
(02) 9662 8788

♥ Serendipity Ice Cream
33 enmore Road
marrickville nsw 2204
tel (02) 9557 8986
fax (02) 9557 8990