Friday, May 14, 2004

Yakity Yak

© foodies date: 12May2004

maybe it is just me. i feel incredibly old these days. i am finding my thoughts and views is leaning more and more towards the older generation. friday night used to be out and have fun until we drop but now a perfect friday night is staying home, snuggled up on bed, reading a good book or watching a good dvd. gees. this sound so ah-mah like. omigosh. i m really getting old!! now now. where's my slab of rectinol-A cream.

2 nights ago i had a conversation with ah queen, jeff and meng. arent we living in the equal opportunity era? have a look at our conversation:

♥ episode 1: allen's new girlfriend
pinkcocoa: wat's the story with allen?
Ah queen: hey... spilll i really wanna know
Meng: yea what's the story
Meng:allen got engaged with this pretty girl
Meng: so who is she jeff?
dunno..met her once...she's one year our senior
Meng : u mean junior
Wolf10: senior
Meng: right..
Ah queen: meng... its 2004... men date woman older than them....haha
Meng: oh yea
pinkcocoa: it just shows us tat meng is the traditional kinda guy
Wolf10: yea!

♥ episode 2: cooking at home
topic started when the trio had the pleasure to view dolci & QQp foodies
Meng: man i am hungry now
Ah queen: next time i go visit in aus...shin better cook
Meng: exactly shin. u cook , we eat. that way u wasitline is saved
Wolf10: good idea!
pinkcocoa: i dun usually cook
Ah queen: i NEVER cook
Wolf10: women should know how to cook
Ah queen: im sure i can cook... it's just that i never got around to actully doing it
Wolf10: well get crackin wif it
Meng says:hmm. to be sure. just need to prove it. next time in KL
pinkcocoa: queenie when u visit me u gotta cook!
Wolf10: ah queen is cooking
Ah queen: i can offer u guys maggi... any flavour...take ur pick
Meng: yea ah queen is cooking with pink. we want lobster with cheese + avocado +tomato
Ah queen: huh... n wat r guys supposed to do
Wolf10: eat..then let u girls wash up while we discuss the next big money making idea
Ah queen: jeff... go back to ur cave
Wolf10: there is rational behind my comments
Ah queen: this is not age where guys knock girls on their heads with clubs n drag them back to the cave
pinkcocoa: tsk tsk tsk jeff is really the traditional sort
Ah queen: n u r not parading aroung with an animal skin loin cloth either
Wolf10: didnt i just say there is rational behind me comments
Wolf10: just figured...the rational didnt sound wonder i am single haha

♥ episode 3: men and cooking
Ah queen: another good place to meet woman... cooking class. that way... u can ensure that ur girl can cook
pinkcocoa: there is a men-only cooking school here
Wolf10: doesnt that make a guy look a bit camp?
Ah queen: noooooooooo
pinkcocoa: no way it's soooo hip for a guy to know how to cook
Ah queen:shin... i agree wit u ...its way cool if a guy can cook
Ah queen: i did plan to join a cooking class and pick up the most decent looking guy there hehehe....
Meng:careful he might just be 'gay'
Wolf10: well meng knows how to cook
(jeff is saying meng is gay?)
pinkcocoa: meng next time u r cooking
Meng: i dont know how to cook
(deny deny deny!)

that's only one conversation among the 4 of us. lawyer-jeff would be under scrutiny even more if cb, ping and kuifang have joined. ohhh i cant wait until the next chat...yakity-yuk!