Thursday, July 08, 2004

This Week's Special:
Guest Foodblog by Giff ~ Chrysathemum Fish ~

Okie. apparently I havent kept up with my word about posting everyday after exams. My apologies here. i havent really done much this week except that i did manage to take quite a few food photos espcially since i started lunching with katty in the city. i will try my best to write at least once a week. *promise* i havent had much mood to write this week mainly because ShinChan was sick and i am worried sick about him. Anyway, am lucky because i have got someone to write a guest foodblog for me this week.
*thanks Giff, you are the greatest*

Giff is my best friend back from high school in adelaide. she now resides in new zealand and had recently travelled to hong kong. below is her blog on this special dish that she and her hubby devoured when they were in Gongbei, China.

♥ Chrysanthemum Fish ♥
© foodies date: an early day in June
© where: a chinese restaurant outside Gongbei Immigration, Gongbei Port, China

♥ Chrysanthemum Fish (sweet sour fish)
The best feature of this fish is the meat has been shaped into 'its name – Chrysanthemum' and it’s actually deep-fried before the cook poured the sweet and sour sauce. The sauce is a little bit sour for me. However, when the fish (chrysanthemum) is dipped with the sauce, the sourness actually works very well.

I think this fish is very special as I would never be able to craft a fish into 'flowers'. I would just throw them in a wok 'uncrafted' and cook it. I think the cook here has done a superb job. *salute to the cook*

If you are wondering where I had this fish, it’s at the Gongbei port. (It is like a plaza linked to the Gongbei immigration office. After long queues to get passport stamped, I think it’s a smart idea for the Chinese government to build a plaza right next to it so you would spend all your money building the economy.In case you wonder the price of the fish, it is 18yuan. Isn’t that dirt cheap? Especially for all those labours ‘crafting’ the fish into flowers. Best of all, the fish is not just pretty but is very delicious.