Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lunch in the City {digest 01}

I have been experiencing a little taste of an OL lunch from the day i declared my long awaited independence from uni. hmrf. alright, alright! my 100% independence is still contingent on the result yet to come. i am counting down to this day ever since i finished my last exam. FYI, it's only 1 more day. 'nuff about this independence stuff. (on a lighter note, yesterday July14 was France's Bastille day)

My OL lunch in the city affair started when i received an email from k (who wishes to remain anonymous) announcing that she has just moved onto a new work environment - fjmt - office located on the top floor of museum of contemporary art (mca), east circular quay. oh yes! very very good views of the opera house. lunching with k is just another excuse for me to go to the city more often. *grin* i shall be posting up on any interesting lunch adventures. this blog marks the official opening of my first OL lunch in the city.

© foodies date:
© where: Australia Square Foodcourt
First day of OL lunch in the city. we had no idea where to eat. we wanted to go to Fung's Malaysian located in the tiny alley - tank stream. we have heard the laksa there was pretty good (this is back from our days in second year b.arch. you figure out how many years have passed since we received such info! :p) we went there only to be disappointed. it's closed. *shucks* now we really had no idea where to eat. in the end we resorted to the food court at australia square.

What i had

♥ chunky vegetable soup with sourdough roll $4.50
I was searching for pumpkin soup but couldnt find any. $4.50 is for a small soup. a large one costs $5.50.

♥ dismantling to find steamy hot soup!

♥ oh-so-chunky and healthy!
The soup was alright. the veggie was chunky enough. too chunky i would say. then again i usually take small mouthful. i enjoyed the aroma of sweet basil fused together with tomato. it reminded me of my favourite pasta sauce: tomato & basil.

what k had:

♥ Hokka Hokka wok-fried noodles $8.80
This is a mix and match noodles, fillings and sauce asian food. it's gaining much popularity in sydney. the american-chinese takeaway box is hype here. also spotted at sumo salad. i have also spotted homeware and kitchenware stores selling these takeaway boxes at a rather upmarket price.

♥ thin rice noodles - prawns - chili sauce
According to k, the noodle was salty and not much of a chili taste. we wondered if it is 'cos the noodle has been designed to suit the westerners. when k said it's salty, you gotta be alerted about the high sodium content. k has very high tolerance for salty food. it's hard to imagine when she would comment on food being salty. $8.80 for 5 very crunchy and good-sized prawns noodle. not bad eh?


♥ strawberry and vanilla twirl frozen yogurt $3.30
When we entered the food court, we saw 2 ladies eating this. k and i immediately exclaimed "we want that!" a good meal is never completed without a decent dessert. oh yes that's k's hand that you are seeing in the pics.

♥ yummy strawberry frozen yogurt
In the end, we decided that the strawberry is better than the vanilla. the frozen yogurt has a richness towards it. i could have more of this if i hadnt had my soup and breadroll (and i goofed down 2 of k's prawns *shamed* & some of her noodles. i am one greedy pig!) this is a small frozen yogurt which actually appeared large to us. couldnt imagine if we ordered the large one...

The frozen yogurt concluded my first OL lunch in perfection!

Australia Square
264 george street
sydney 2000