Sunday, August 01, 2004

Lunch in the City {digest02}

We realised eating out in the city can be very costly. Say we spend $10 (food & drink) per day at lunch, over the week it will be an expense of at least $50. Imagine it's a $200 savings if we bring our own lunch. So when k and I meet up for lunch, we tried our best to bring our own lunchbox. It's probably more like I try my best to bring my own lunch

k is a dedicated cook at home. Wish i am like her too. But then again she has got someone to cook for. Circumstances are different I guess *grin*

Just like we get sick of eating out, we get sick of eating our own lunchbox too. So once in a while we indulged ourselves in some outside food. This time we went to La Renaissance Patisserie at the Rocks. It's only a mere 3 minutes walk from k's office.

♥ foodies date: can't remember but it's a nice day in early July.
♥ where: La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie, The Rocks
We had a hard time deciding. We stood admist a constant stream of costumers inside the tiny shopfront. Apparently, we were blocking the traffic. *Oops*

The temptation to order a scrumptious looking patisserie was too big. the range of cakes at La Renaissance is luscious and sinfully yummy. How did i know? It's not the fact that i would love to pig out on every single cakes in there but because I bought a small raspberry mousse cake for ShinChan's birthday. It's the most beautifully decorated cake I have ever bought in Sydney!

♥ ShinChan's birthday cake - Charlotte Mousse (Raspberry)
*sorry. Bad pics of the cake. The room was too dark and we couldn't wait to get our hands (and mouths) onto the yummilicious cake*
The cake is a light and creamy raspberry mousse encased in frosted sponge, decorated with fresh raspberry. The small cake (6 inch maybe?) was quickly goofed down by 2 guys and 2 girls so you can imagine how good the cake is.

Anyway we decided in the end to try out the savouries instead of pigging on the sinfully and inviting looking sweets. Oh yes. We managed to win over our temptation this time. *yipeee* The courtyard cafe at the back is a small and nice leafy compound.

what k had:

♥ sausage roll with side salad
k mentioned something about the pastry being very "pastries". Put it in a simpler context, it's delicious, yummy, scrumptious. maybe even sinful! Imagine all the butter and sugar in the pastry. ok. I know. I know. Enough of my lecturing here. *sorry*

what i had:

♥ rare roast beef and salad baguette
The baguette was good. I munched down the whole baguette. Only wished there's some cheese in there. As the baguette was under attack, pinkcocoa's brain came to a conclusion that the baguette would be so wicked with a thick spread of creamy peanut butter. Think Smuckers' goober grape jelly and peanut butter. Think Skippy!

♥ lovely francaise mademoiselle
Only when we were done with our lunch, we noticed that La Renaissance's logo of a lovely francause mademoiselle (notice the baguette in her basket. ohh so yummy) on their serving plates. What a cute logo!

Observing the wickedly tempting cakes in the glass-panel display once again when we left, we came to a conclusion that if we want cake, we would have to buy the small cake (from $17) instead of cake slices (ranges from $4-$6). So yup, it's the small cake next time for the two miss piggy wiggy.

The baguette has left me craving for a good peanut butter sandwich or roll for over a month. And now i have a small jar of Creamy Skippy (thanks to Lawrence. yes this skippy is airflown from hongkong) and a large jar of Smucker's goober grape jelly and peanut butter (thanks to ShinChan) in my kitchen pantry. peanut butter and jelly sandwich is just heavenly!

♥ La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
47 Argyle Street
The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000
Daily 8:30am- 6:00pm
ph (02) 9241 4878