Thursday, August 05, 2004

Feeling Dank? Not!

No, it wasnt a dank day. In fact the sun was shining brightly. The sky was blue. What a perfect saturday. It was a rare day too, to find pinkcocoa up and wide awake early in the morning, and it's saturday morning we are talking about here too!

We were on our way to pick up my tv (oh yes. pinkcocoa's room now comes with a small entertainment unit. lucky girl!) and ShinChan kindly suggested we go to Danks Street Depot for lunch. Er. I mean brunch. I was probably a little overly excited about going there. Danks Street Depot has been sitting on my eating places wishlist for a while now, ever sinceIi read about it in Sydney Food Diary. Wow! Perfect day. One dream comes true. Lucky lucky lucky. Definitely not feeling dankly!

♥ foodies date: 31 July 2004
♥ where: Danks Street Depot, Waterloo

We were a little surprised by Danks Street Depot location which is a little beaten off the track, situated amidst the industrial waterloo. The other end of danks street was ghostly but signs of living thing became clearer the moment we approached fratelli fresh (just across the road from danks street). Diagonally opposite danks street depot is the church that never sleeps: hillsong church.

♥ open environment
The robust little cafe at the corner of the street was bustling. Fear not. We didnt wait long before we got a table. The turnover rate was high.

Adjoining an art gallery, the open kitchen and exposed roof details (or do you call it exposed ceiling. aiks. my 3 full years in archi has gone to waste. shame on me). These three elements produce a slick, innovative cafe dining experience.

♥ open kitchen
With the high ceiling and wooden floor, one would expect the interior to have a hollow ambience. This hollowness has not been spotted at Danks Street Depot. At least not when we were there.

The cling-clang noises of cutlery on plates and the lively babble; the air has a homey-ness attached to it. I felt like home already. There were also a lot of families dining too. Lots of kids and trolleys and trams.

♥ exposed coffee bar
Next to the coffee machine is a range of freshly baked sweet yummy goodies. It caught my eyes as soon as i entered the cafe. I am sure everyone would have noticed it because it's just directly in front of the entrance. Unless of course, you are busy looking around for a table or eyeing the waiter for service.

♥ mocha @ $3.50
The coffee also comes in bowl @$4.50 (i think). How come our coffee didn't arrive as pretty as the one Sydney Food Diary had? Not fair! Coffee was alright. I am not much of a coffee-lover so cant really make any comments here.

♥ reuben sandwich
The reuben sandwich has been highly recommended all around. Actually we couldnt decide between this sandwich or the WA sardines on toast. But the cheese won this time!

It is absolutely yummo! I love the cheese. Look at how lovely it's melting and gooeying from the toasted sourdough rye bread. I didnt really like the corned beef but ShinChan seemed to be enjoying it. I wonder if I could order the reuben sandwich without the corned beef. If I did that, it wouldnt be reuben that I am eating. Might as well order a cheese toast.

generous layers of corned beef, sauerkraut and titled cheese between toasted sourdough rye bread, served with a side of mustard seed
ShinChan insisted on eating the sandwich with fork and knife. I insisted on eating with my bare-hands. Nevermind our eating habits or table manner. As long as the food is good and we enjoy ourselves, let's forget about the feud. It's all about quality time.

♥ bread and butter pudding @ $3.50
My sweet tooth was in full operation that morning so i had to order something sweet for brunch else i might suffer from lack-of-sweet intolerance. You can expect a tantrum if the sweet tooth was not dealt with properly.

The waitress blabbered a long list of sweet treats that I couldnt remember. So i ventured to the baked goodies section next to the coffee machine. There were orange and fig cake (lovely bright colour), chocolate brownie (looking absolutely stunning), some muffins and bread and butter pudding.

The bread and butter pudding was highly recommended by the waitress. And she was right. the charred bits on top were actually fruits bits from marmalade, brushed on the bread and butter pudding. there's a tiny sprinkle of chocolate chips (white and milk) on and inside the pudding. What a good fix for my sweet tooth.

We walked away with a very full stomach. Mind you, we have very small appetite. It is recommended by nutritionists to have many small meals a day instead of 3 big main one. We are trying to follow that. By doing so, it tells the body that we are not starve of food so it continues to burn our fat thus works just like increasing our meta rate. *yay* 5 little meals is the way to go. Or alternatively, you can have 3 main meals with 2 snacks so long you dont consume too much during your main meals. Remember 80% full is just right.

We wandered across the road to fratelli fresh for a walk. Heaps of italian goodies. Adore the box. Next time I am gonna do some shopping there just to get the box. I cant wait for my next brunch or lunch or breakfast at danks street depot.*hint hint ShinChan* Definitely going to be back for the sardines toast and the creamed eggs and not to forget the chocolate brownie!

Go in dank, come out sunny at Danks Street Depot!

Danks Street Depot
2 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW 2017
ph: (02) 9698 2201
lunch: mon-sat

Fratelli Fresh
7 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW 2017
ph: 1300 552 119
tues-fri 10am-2pm
sat 8am-4pm