Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Lunch in the City {digest03}

Yet another lunch post.
This time k and I ventured to Quayside Foodcourt at Circular Quay. The fish and chips shop is highly recommended by her colleagues for the large portion at fairly reasonable price. k did an inspection before confirming the validity of her colleagues statement and filed a report to your highness immediately.

Here's a sneak of k's report:
...some nice food that is very try out the grilled fish,with salad and chips @ only $7.60....we can share it :)

On the other hand, the yogurt at the foodcourt is also highly recommended by my flatmate who claimed she eats their yogurt everyday at lunch. She kinda screeched excitedly on mention of the yogurt so it must have been really good. hmmm. Let's give the place a try!

♥ foodies date: 30 July 2004
♥ where: Quayside Foodcourt, Circular Quay

what we had:

♥ fish meal with 3 side dishes @ $7.60
Sorry about the bad looking pics. The food doesnt look that good in the pic but it sure tasted good. The portion is huge. At least to the 2 asian ladies here, it is. We ordered the fish meal which comes with 3 side dishes - choose from chips, creamy baked potato, vegetables, salads, roast potato. We had wanted the vegetables but the large portion had been snapped by a lady beside us who ordered a chicken meal (the portion was large too).

Here's what's inside our fishmeal:
- A piece of crumbed grilled fish
The grilled fish is hardly noticeable in my pic mainly because of the large portion of side dishes that performed as a cover to the fish. If your eyes are good enough, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the fish which sits just below the lemon.
- Mixed salad with creamy mayo
- Chips
- Creamy baked potato

Once again I have to apologise for not being able to sight the baked potato in the pic. It's hidden under the massive glob of tartare sauce on the left side of the plate. The potato was very good, creamy and crunchy and parmesan-cheesy on the top bits but a little over-seasoned. It has a very heavy peppery taste and a tad bit too salty. But k said it's very good. Can't trust her tongue. She likes salty stuff.

On sighting the tartare sauce self-serve bottle:
pinkcocoa: oh oh! *screeching excitedly* I want that. Can I have that please?
k: of course! That's why i brought you here.
note: k is also a sauce maniac like pinkcocoa
pinkcocoa: yippeeeee!!
pinkcocoa started to squeeze the tartare sauce onto the plate
pinkcocoa: enough?
k: no. more
pinkcocoa: enough?
k: no. more
pinkcocoa: enough?
k: hmmm. still can fit
pinkcocoa: uh oh. it's starting to overflow
k: ok. stop. should be enough for both of us eh?
pinkcocoa: oh! there's also ketchup too
*squeeeeeezeeeee onto the other side of plate*

Our dessert:

♥ the legendary yogurt and frozen yogurt
By the time we finished our massive fish meal, there's only the mixed berry yogurt and muesli yogurt left. There were also strawberry and mango but they were all gone by the time we got there.

mixed berry yogurt
The yogurt is low fat. 96% fat free. I think it is honey yogurt. Not too sure but it's very sweet. Having too much of this yogurt gives me sorethroat. Over-sweeten, maybe? Luckily the berries were a little soury. Maybe a little too sour especially the raspberry. We exercised our entire face on each consumption of raspberry. Very good exercise indeed.

Later that night, my flatmate told me mango yogurt is the best selling yogurt there and mixed berries are the worst. If only we have known earlier.......ah well. we couldnt have done much. it was sold out anyway.

right: mixed berry frozen yogurt
Another mixed berry delight! This frozen yogurt is very 'solid'. I wonder if this is the right word for it. The yogurt taste is very strong but not overly creamy. It is definitely a more-ish! Some frozen yogurts are so digustingly creamy to a point that it feels like eating fresh cream. *yikes*

We shall be back again to try out other tasty looking meals in the foodcourt. Our next target: chicken meal or calamari meal, also $7.60; and of course the legendary mango yogurt.