Wednesday, August 11, 2004

the many faces of charsiew {bbq pork fried rice}

In response to popular demand, more chinese sweet bbq pork (charsiew) using Renee's recipe was made. The meat portion more than doubled (0.5kg to 1.4kg). Pork neck with lots of fatty bits was used this time. I found the shoulder meat I used last time was a little too dry. I wonder why the pork shoulder I bought is so different from the one Renee bought. Hers had a nice distribution of fats while mine was basically something like lean pork.

♥ be prepare for a meat feast!
The1.4kg pork neck ended as 3 large strips of delicious looking sweet bbq pork. 1.4kg of meat is a little too much for two especially when one is a half-vegan. Some leftover went into the freezer. It's going to come in handy at emergency point. The remaining leftover was transformed into bbq pork fried rice bento.

♥ foodies date: 08 Aug 2004
♥ where: pinkcocoa's kitchen

♥ bento frenzy in pinkcocoa's kitchen

Clockwise from front left:
Bbq pork fried rice with bbq pork slices and seasonal veggies
Bbq pork fried rice with corn-omelette
Mini version of the two larger bbq pork fried rice
Shredded pork in peking sauce bento.

I was a little obsessed this time with making bento. I ended making 3 bento for ShinChan. No, it doesnt mean he has to eat 3 in one go. The three were for his lunch, dinner and then lunch again. Got the idea? Making 3 bento isn't really much compared to my flatmate who cooked once a week and made 14 bento in one go: 2 for each day of the week.

♥ a very charsiew bento!

Charsiew Fried Rice
bbq pork, diced
beans, diced
carrots, diced
corn kernels
3 eggs, seasoned and beaten*
2 large bowls of cooked rice, preferably cold**

To make:
1. Stir frythe first four ingredients together until cooked.
2. Heat oil in another pan and stir fry rice until rice is heated up all over.
3. Flatten the rice evenly in the pan and pour egg mixture over the rice.
4. Quickly stir the rice. Keep stirring until the rice is coated evenly with eggs. Voila. You get golden rice!
5. Add in ingredients from step (1), and stir until mixed evenly.
6. Seasoned to taste with salt, and pepper if you like. I have also added a few teaspoonful of the charsiew marinade.

*I used 3 eggs which should result in some extra strands of eggs not coating the rice. use only 2 eggs or maybe less if you are after golden colour rice with no egg strands
**Sometimes the rice can get a little sticky or become 'unbreakable'. This can be oversome by sprinkling a little water over the rice in the middle of step 2.

♥ bento #2 - charsiew fried rice with corn kernels omelette
Using leftover corn kernels and eggs, a different looking bento was produced. There was a little surprise underneath the omelette

♥ my mini bento
Still had a little bits of leftover after filling up ShinChan's bento, so i decided to use the leftover to make a mini bento for myself. It's going to be great for lunch with k in the city.

I will post up the shredded pork in peking sauce bento recipe tomorrow. Right now I miss the charsiew friedrice. It was surprising chunky. More fried rice, anyone?