Monday, September 27, 2004

the moon festival: a sneak preview

it's still a little too early to wish everyone a happy moon festival! or if you like, happy mid-autumn festival! or even happy mooncake festival! pick whichever you like. personally, i like "mid-autmn festival" better because the term implies what it is supposed to mean. and no. we dont celebrate because of mooncake. the mooncake is here because we celebrate.

falling on the 15th day of the 8th month in the chinese lunar calendar, it is said that the moon is of its roundest during the year. it is also a time when harvest is celebrated. more stories on this festival tomorrow.

Posted by Hello double yolk white lotus mooncake

pinkcocoa is very lucky this year. a friend sent her a wing wah mooncake voucher all the way from hong kong! it is just so heart-warming. *hugs* to this special someone.
i know it's a little rush but i am hoping to get some snow-skin or ping pi (ice skin) moon cakes tomorrow. yup. i am buying mooncake on the actual day of the festivals. fingers crossed i get some of that. hm. on second thoughts, maybe i should just wait until the day after tomorrow when all the leftover mooncakes are discounted.

it's going to be a quiet mid-autmn for me this year because someone, i repeat this someone whose nic starts with a S and ends with n; or if you preferred: his real name starting with Pand ends with rand middle of 'ete' is back in taiwan. i am very sure at this time tomorrow, he will be enjoying his authentic taiwanese mooncake by the name "luu dou peng" (savoury green bean pastry) with a nice cup of chinese tea. he better not comes back without some for me. *strong hint*

more stories on mid-autumn tomorrow!