Thursday, October 07, 2004

Krispy Kreme: casting a glaze in sydney

Krispy Kreme in Australia
krispy kreme:
here's yet another american fast food invasion in sydney. this time it's doughnut. sydney fell under the glaze of krispy kreme doughtnuts ever since the first store opened in Penrith. Doughnut-lovers would go all the way to Penrith (about an hour from sydney city) just to queue up for these deep-fried yeast-raised doughy circles.

people were waiting for krispy kreme to mushroom and it did. first we had one in the city (that's after the second store in Liverpool), then we had another in mascot and then another in the international airport and then another and another and another...

Assorted Donuts
♥ assorted krispy kreme doughnuts
my flatmate came home today with a white retro flat paperbox with lots of green dots. she brought home a half boxful of assorted krispy kreme doughnuts! a sweet-sticky-caramel aroma filled up the kitchen once the box was opened. the unique fragrance of a dough-meet-sugars really lightens up the heart of a sweet tooth.

i am not so much of a doughnut fan. sure, i would eat doughnut but to queue an hour for them? i dont think so. until today, i have only had a small bite of the original glazed. obviously the one small bite didnt immediately cast a krispy-kreme-craze spell on me. perhaps i am immuned to it.

Krispy Kreme Donuts
♥ temptation from the land of fatty sugar dough
there are so many different types of doughnuts for me to choose from. they all look so tempting. arghhhh. as a chocoholic, i am naturally and immediately drawn to the dark-coloured doughnut (bottom right). uh oh. the sweet aroma from the cinnamon sugar on the bottom left one looks tempting too.

decision! decision!

right at this critical moment, pinkcocoa's health-conscious came to the rescue: never make a decision without a good analysis. what's a good analysis in this case for a girl watching her waistline? The calorie and nutritional value of each doughnut

Top of Donuts
♥ half-a-box of krispy kreme doughtnuts
pinkcocoa's caloric analysis:
top row (l-r):

♥ 337kcal glazed devil's food
♥ 337kcal cinammon apple filled
♥ 337kcal glazes sour cream
♥ 303kcal glazed raspberry filled

middle row (l-r):

♥ 289kcal glazed lemon filled
♥ 263kcal chocolate iced with sprinkles
♥ 258kcal powdered strawberry filled

bottom row:

♥ 337kcal glazed blueberry

powdered strawberry filled doughnut
♥ powdered strawberry filled doughnut
i settled for the powdered strawberry filled doughnut. not hard to see why.

i have already cut open the doughnut in half when i remembered the word of advice from ShinChan: Krispy Kreme doughnuts taste better after warming up in microwave. alright, back to the microwave!

i am not sure if you can see it clearly, the texture of this doughnut resembles that of bread. the inside is fluffy, light and airy. the doughnut was alright. only one problem: the strawberry jam. it tasted like cough syrup to me.

truth be spoken, i still cant see the reason to the krispy kreme craze over the town. i only managed to finish half of the doughnut. i think i prefer a chinese doughnut (you tiao) to this on any other day. sorry, krispy kreme fans....

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