Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pinkcocoa is back from choco wonderland..........not!

Right. Where shall I begin with my enchanting chocolate adventure in choco-wonderland?

It was a bright sunny afternoon and I was sitting under a tree, reading my copy of smh good living while sipping on a large skinny hot chocolate. *hop hop hop* A chocolate kangaroo (remember, I am down under) came hopping my way. How could I let go of the chance to pig on a chocolate kangaroo? So, I followed the kangaroo down this chocolate mud-slide inside the tree.......well you know the stories that follow: Pinkcocoa in Choco-Wonderland, a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. :p

I wonder how many of you would believe this story of mine? *cheeky grin*

Anyway, I shall soon be back in regular food-blogging. If you really want to know how soon, it's as soon as my dearest desktop companion is back in action. It's in the hospital right now. *sigh*

I so so miss foodblogging but I love chocolate better, hahaha \\(=^-*=)//