Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter in Sydney

Easter Choc-chic
♥ Easter Choc-chic
I was not aware how early Easter is this year. One more week and it will be Good Friday. I am sure many of you are looking forward to the long weekend and a perfect reason to indulge in chocolate - lots and lots of chocolate in the form of easter eggs, easter bunny, easter buns! *yay*

It is not a tradition back home to celebrate Easter. We are a rather traditional Chinese family and we celebrate only festivals related to the Chinese culture. Especially with Brunei being a Muslim country, we were not exposed to that many multicultural festivals, in particularly those related to religions other than Islam, as much as it is here in Australia.

I still remember a long while ago when any sort of Christmas decoration was not allowed to be displayed visibly. Having said that, you were still allowed to celebrate Christmas in private and church services were still allowed. It was the same with Chinese New Year when auspicious hosue-to-house visits from lions and dragons (lion dance & dragon dance) were banned. That was, however, quite a long while ago. Multicultural festivals and celebrations are more welcomed in Brunei these days.

My very first Easter memory probably stems from a Chinese children magazine from Hong Kong called Er Tong Le Yuan 兒童樂園 (Children Playground) where I learnt of Easter bunny, the making of Easter Egg by sticking a small hole on the egg to let the inside of the egg slowly drips off which then follows by painting of the egg to make it into an Easter egg. And of course we shall not forget about the Easter egg hunt. ;-)

Sydney Royal Easter Show
Sydney Royal Easter Show 2005
So, how does Sydney celebrate Easter? The Sydney Royal Easter Show of course! Starting from 18 March, the 14-day event is an entertainment haven with plenty of street performances, stage shows, dances, live music etc. And let's not forget about dagwood dog, lemonades, cheese on a stick and plenty plenty more! There will be dog shows, cats shows, er..all kind of animals shows I think. There are also exhibitions from animals to plants to food....etc etc....Oh, and last but not least, the showbags!

There might be photos of the shows if pinkcocoa does happen to head to the show. We are still not sure at this stage because the tickets seem to be getting more and more expensive each year. *sigh*

I shall stop here now. I am ready to go stuff myself with some of the M&M speckles eggs! Finally another chance to pig-out on choccie without any reason. *yay*

Sydney Royal Easter Show
from 18 mar - 31 mar, daily 8am til late
Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
Tickets cost:
Adult A$25
Concession A$21.50
Child A$17.50

For entry after 5pm, tickets cost:
Adult A$19
Concession A$15
Child A12.50