Friday, February 25, 2005

Yum Cha: Fook Yuen

With a Sydney food blogger yum cha meet-up coming up this Sunday *excited*, I reckon it's a good time to post up photos of my most recent yumcha which was way back in January.

This time we went to Fook Yuen again. As I have mentioned before, I did find Fook Yuen's food not as spectacular as people have described. But we went there again mostly for the convenience and the time saved on queuing. We found it rather unbearable to have to withstand the impatient and uncomfortable feeling holding our tiny little colour-coded ticket while waiting for number to be called out ourside the restaurant. Worse yet to add on top of that: the strike of hunger pang.

We had quite a few different dimsum this time and skipped a few usual dimsum dishes. It's always good to try something new!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Fook Yuen on 15 Jan 2005
Peas Sprout Dumpling
Gao Choy Gow -Chives Dumpling
If I am not wrong, this was gao choy gow. I am having a mix up between the photos because we also had dao miu gow - pea sprout dumpling(see below).

Inside Pea Sprouts Dumpling
♥ Inside Gao Choy Gow
Sorry for the blurry photo. Still have so much to learn with food photography. Maybe someone out there can help? I didn't use flash this time because I was worried I might disturb other diners. Plus, my dining companions didn't seem eager for me to take photo. They didn't like the glare from the flash. :-( Then again, they had been well trained now. They waited until all dishes had been taken before they started digging in. ;-)

Vegetarian Dumplings
Dao Miu Gow - Pea Sprout Dumplings
Not something we ordered everytime but I do love the green fresh smell of the pea sprout.

Yu Chi Gow
Yu Chi Gow - Sharkfin Dumpling
We skipped siu mai (meat dumpling) this time and opted for this more extravagent meat dumpling.

Image Hosted by
♥ Inside Yu Chi Gaw
The Yu Chi Gow tasted very much like siu mai except it has a different wrapper (siu mai has egg wrapper, yellow in colour). We hardly tasted the sharkfin. We really wonder if it's real sharkfin we were having there.

Deepfried Tofu
♥ Deepfried Beancurd Patties
I can't remember the name for this dish. This was marked as a special dish, served with a sweet soury sauce.

Inside Deepfried Tofu
♥ Fluffy beancurd patties
The beancurd pattie was crunchy on the outside and very soft and fluffy inside. And the sweet sory sauce was just the right condiment for the slight oily pattie. We truly enjoyed this.

Ham Sui Gok
Ham Sui Gok - deepfried savoury glutinous dumpling
Not very sure how well this tasted since I skipped this. I was trying to avoid deepfried stuff.

BBQ Pork Buns
Char Siu Bao - BBQ Pork Bun
The real classic of yumcha. Again, no comment since I didn't have this. I usually don't take any bread-type dishes. The only reason was because it fills me up too quickly!

Siu Long Bao
Siu Long Bao - Steamed Shanghainese Dumplings
This pork dumpling was served with a sauce of dark vineger and shredded ginger.

Pai Guak Fan
Pai Guak Fan - Pork Ribs Rice
A dish I used to like a lot when I was young. One of this and I am full. The best part of this dish is the slightly burnt and charred bits of rice that is stuck to the pot.

Ma Lai Gou
Ma Lai Gou - Sweet Steamed Cake
In Hong Kong/Cantonese, Malaysia or Malay is referred to as Ma Lai. However, this is definitely a Hong Kong dimsum dish and not something from Malaysia. I guess the logic is just like you can never really find Singapore Noodle when you are in Singapore.

Egg Tarts
♥ HongHa Hot Bread
Then we finsihed off with egg tarts. I skipped this though after I found out how much fat and sugar an egg tart has! *yikes* The egg tart is crowned the fattest king among all dimsum, followed closely by char siu sou (bbq pork pastry). *sob*

Another one to watch out for is Ma Lai Gou It is highly dangerous for someone watching their diet. Even if you are not, it's probably best to stir clear because of the high fat and sugar content ladled inside them.

Oops. I have done it again. Spoiling all the delicious moment with my health freak talk! Sorry, guys..........*bow*

Fook Yuen
Level 1
7 Help Street,
Chatswood NSW
ph. +61 2 9413 2688