Monday, February 14, 2005

My Restaurant Rules Blog

I am joining BHR from PhotoSydney, AugustusGloop from Grab Your Fork and Bruce from Diary of a Dilettante to take part in the unofficial site of Channel Seven's second series of My Restaurant Rules:
My Restaurant Rules Blog.

I have yet to contribute to the site, having just finished watching the first 2 episodes.

So what's this My Restaurant Rules show?

Well, it's yet another reality tv show. To be more precise, another food-related reality tv show. You can tell from the title, can't you? I wonder if we people would ever get bored with watching reality tv show. I am not a big fan of reality tv show. Ask me about Australian Idol, Popstar, Big Brother, and you would be expecting a blank face. So to speak, I still watch bits and pieces of such shows every now and then. This was how I missed out on the first series of My Restaurant Rules. Though we did went past the Melbourne site and Adelaide site when we were there last February. And I watched the final of the show then realised how much I had missed out especially ever since I started this blog.

So I tell myself, I am not going to miss it this time. The second series of My Restaurant Rules has been showing for 2 weeks now. I have loyally taped the first 2 episodes and had just finished watching them. Not much thought about the show yet but do visit My Restaurant Rules Blog to see what others have to say!

♥ My Restaurant Rules: Thurs at 7.30pm on Seven.