Friday, January 28, 2005


We went to Newtown for a walk and some window shopping right after our quick picnic with our favourite chicken roll. It's been probably a year since we last went there. Talk about speed of time! We didn't even realise we hadn't visited Newtown for a little more than a year.

Newtown is the place for Thai food. You will find a long trail of Thai restaurants along King Street though we have also spotted other gems: Thanh Binh on King (Vietnamese, love their roll your own viet rolls!), Burgerlicious (love their build your own burgers!), Green Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant and not to mention coffee to die for at Varga Bar Espresso! We would describe Newtown as an alternative suburb with its vintage shops, unique yet homey cafes and a suburb full of blossoming Australia designers.

It's been such a long while since we last visited, we were very delighted to find a new gelato shop. I was overly excited and couldn't even wait for the red lights before we crossed the street, just so I won't waste any second to drool at all those yummilicious gelato. Yes..we j-walked *sweatdrop*

♥ tabeshimashita @ Gelatomassi on 26Jan2005 - Australia Day!
♥ Gelatomassi
In my excitement I didn't even notice the name of the shop. I just dived straight in there and look at all the gelato on offered. The first thing we saw was this high stack of Gelato Baskets (A$1 extra). It looked so tempting.

Many Different Gelato Flavours
♥ So many different flavours
And now look at the many different gelato flavours! The one that caught my sight was the dark pink one with a roundish thingie sitting on top. It was fresh fig. Definitely a must try! There are way too many sorbet and gelato flavours for us to remember!

Gelatomassi Man
♥ Gelatomassi Man
Again, in my over or hyper-excitement, I started snapping photos of the gelatos and the shop (it has a cool blue interior. Very sleek and comfy.) before noticing the management of the shop wasn't too happy about me snapping photos. *Oops* My apologies. I guess I should have asked before I took photos.

Anyhow, this gentleman was very energetic and I could tell he loves his gelato! He also mentioned he won't mind me taking his photos instead of the shop. Very nice way of letting me know that photos of the shops and interior aren't that alright but photos of people inside the shops are ok. You can tell from the many photos of their custormers that they have posted on their walls.

Silky Gelato
♥ Almond, Lime and Fresh Figs Gelato
We opted for 3 flavours in a cup (A$5.80). There were just so many flavours that it was so hard for us to decide. I picked fresh figs and ShinChan decided to try out lime. Gelatomassi Man recommended some cream-based gelato: mascarpone, almond and panna cotta. We opted for almond.

The almond gelato was smooth and velvety. Just very mellow. The lime sorbet was citric and light, very refreshing for a hot day. We did find it a little too soury especially after we had the sweet almond gelato. We couldn't find a word to describe fresh figs. It's a little gooey when compared to the lime but it has a nectareous flavour. Just very smooth and palatable. We'll definitely come back for more!

Gelato Cakes
♥ Gelato Cakes
While we were there we noticed they also had Gelato Cakes and for Valentine's special too. The Valentine's Special (A$8.50) is a pink heart-shaped cake, chocolate-coated with rich white chocolate gelato inside. Sorry no photos here. I think I might have touched on copyright issues here....Their other gelato cakes looked just like the one on the posters with price starting from A$35.

262 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
tel. +61 2 9516 0655
fax. +61 2 9516 0755