Sunday, January 09, 2005

Pick me up to heaven: Homemade Tiramisu

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I had been meaning to post this up last november. Alas, I got lazy and this became my third post for 2005. This luscious chocolatey dessert is given to us as a house-warming foodie gift when we moved last year. What a perfect gift for the two foodies!

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♥ Kiki's homemade Tiramisu
This is homemade tiramisu by our cute friend, Kiki. Looking at the amount of chocolate flakes on top, I couldn't wait a second more to dig into the homemade dessert after dinner!

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♥ Rich luscious tiramisu
The sponge fingers were moist and very well flavoured with a rich flavoursome combination of espresso and coffee liquer . Sandwiched in between the sponge fingers was a sweet creamy and voluptous mixture of sugar, beaten egg, coffee liquer and mascarpone cheese.

According to Kiki, tiramisu is really easy to make. She already has the recipe engraved inside her head. She actually dictated the recipes and procedures to me while we were enjoying the rich Italian dessert. I would have to try out her recipe one day. This makes a good potluck dessert dish too!