Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chrissy Barbie Part1: On the Balcony

I had quite a few early Chrissy celebration this year. With friends heading overseas during the Chrissy break, we decided to celebrate Chrissy a little early. When in Australia, the best way to celebrate Chrissy is of course Aussie Barbie (Australian Slang for Australian Barbeque)!

My first Chrissy barbie for the year was very typical of the Australian. We would have done the barbie in the backyard if we had a house but a big balcony is just as good.

♥ tabeshimashita @ the tiny balcony of an inner northshore apartment on 18Dec2004
Finally Guys at Work
♥ Guys hard at work at the barbie
One of the great thing about Aussie barbie is that we could get guys to cook for us without much complains and nudging. By that we mean as long as we girls had all the food prepared, marinated and ready on plates.

BBQ - Griller 01
♥ The Common BBQ Section
We bought disposable ready-to-use bbq grill from Barbeque Galore for $4.95 each. A great invention for those without a proper barbie cooker. Once lit up, the bbq is ready to use in 15minutes. No dirty charcoal hands.

Here we have the common BBQ section: assorted sausages, chicken wings and assorted Asian meatballs.

BBQ - Griller 02
♥ The gourmet BBQ Section
Then we have the gourmet section: steak skewer and marinated quails.

Food is Ready!
♥ Ready to Eat
After much sweats and infusion of bbq smoke on the balcony, the guys finally had the food ready!

BBQ Quails
♥ BBQ Quails
Strange and coincidentally enough, the Iron Chef also featured Quails that night. We devoured on our BBQ quails while watching the Iron Chef battling with his challenger to create top-of-the-world Quail cuisine.

Beautiful Sunset
♥ Beautiful Sunset
The west-facing balcony presented a picturesque sunset. We all felt like we were having a barbie on the balcony of a holiday apartment near the beach (even though we were really in an inner North Shore apartment).

Christmas Decoration
♥ Christmas Decoration
We also received these beautiful Christmas decorations from k. I have mine under the tiny Christmas tree at home ;-)