Friday, December 17, 2004

I am a little dreamy at WildEast Dreams

It felt like a dream, a wild one from the east!

We found ourselved back home in South East Asia in a very unlikely location in Sydney. WildEast Dreams is located right in the middle of the un-Asian Leichardt (The Italian precinct). We have been wanting to visit ever since we first went past it last year. Long time, isn't it?

My desire to head there grew stronger after reading Sean's visit here and here.

♥ tabeshimashita @ WildEast Dreams on 11Dec2004
WildeastDreams - Kung Fu Tofu
♥ Kung Fu Tofu
Heeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa! We felt like we could so at least a few hundreds kung fu kick in the air after chowing down (in elegance of course) the crunchy deep fried tofu topped with sambal sauce (I think) and thinly sliced spring onions.

The tofu is unbelievably crisp and crunchy on the outside while the inside is smooth, silky and soft. It reminded us so much so of the crispy crunchy texture of chou dou fu (smelly tofu), a famous Taiwanese street delicacy. One bite and I was transcended back to the seat of the tiny roadside smelly tofu stall in Taiwan. I could almost smell the pungent fragrant of the smelly tofu.

WildeastDreams - Saucy Miss Piggy
♥ Saucy Miss Piggy A$22
Cute name isn't it? I found it extremely difficult to go ahead and eat this because the name is just too cute! Imagine you are about to eat a cute sweet little miss piggy who stared at you with her big innocent eyes.

WildeastDreams - Saucy Miss Piggy Found
We digged in anyway. The pork-belly is soft and tender and very succulent. We love the tantalising sauce. It is delicious on the rice.

Again, one bite and I was transcended back home in Brunei, sitting at the dining table enjoying my granny's pork-belly stew. Let me assure you, the taste is exactly the same as Granny's!

WildeastDreams - Wildeast Prawns
♥ Wildeast prawns A$25
The prawns flavour in this dish is just so intensed. Prawns lover would surely love this but maybe not so for those without a spicy tongue. The chili might be a little overpowering but I reckon the chili and curry leaves bring out the full flavour of the prawns!

One bite and I was back with my Granny! I want more. More. More. Please!

WildeastDreams - Asian Greens
♥ Asian Greens A$13 & fragrant rice A$3pp
To balance out the meal, we also ordered greens and rice to go with piggy and prawns. The greens is crunchy and richly flavoured with Shao Hsing Wine.

The dining experience was just so dreamy! (Sorry, cant think of any other word. I am running out of brain cells here). We love the Asian decor in the restaurant. We also love the grand piano in the restaurant's main room. Not luck that night to listen to Albert Wong's magnificent musical fingers at work.

I especially love the artistic chinese calligraphed logo at WildEast Dreams. (You will know what I mean when you visit their website) I wonder if there is any chance of me grabbing hold of their staff t-shirt with the aesthetic character displayed on the front. Just a thought.....;-)

WildEast Dreams
102 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW
tel (02) 9560 4131
Dinner Tues-Sun 6-10pm,
Lunch Sat & Sun only 12-3pm