Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kylie Kwong at Macro Wholefood

Macro Wholefood
♥ Take a Macro View
The largest organic store in the Southern Hemisphere, Macro Whole Foods, officially opened in Crows Nest Last Friday (10Dec). We missed out on the chance to see Simon Johnson's cooking demonstration on Friday. We almost missed Kylie Kwong's on Saturday.

♥ tabemashita @: Macro Whole Foods on 11 Dec 2004
Kylie Kwong Cooking Demo at Macro
Kylie Kwong Cooking Demonstration
Luckily we didn't miss out on too much. When we arrived, Kylie was adding a splash of this and that ingredients (organic of course!) to a large bowl of organic chicken wings. She added a large splash of Shao Hsing wine which surprised me because I usually wouldn't have added that much. There was at least half a cup of Shao Hsing wine.

She also added a generous amount of honey, shoyu and a quick sprinkle of sesame oil. I must have missed some ingredients here because I was busy eyeing the plate of chicken wings prepared and cooked prior to the demo.

Kylie Kwong - Chicken Wings
♥ Kylie Kwong's Chicken Wings
Here's the scrumptious chicken wings. The chicken wings was juicy with a hint of honey sweetness in it. The flavour of Shao Hsing wine was not as strong as I depicted. This is yummy! Great for a barbie too.

Oh I forgot to mention, what Kylie did was simply heat up a wok and then add the wings into the wok, give it a bit of stir to make all wings are browned. Then lid on and let it cook on low for about 20min and it's done.

Kylie Kwong - Kylie's New Salad
♥ Kylie's New Salad
This is Kylie's new salad recipe that she concocted just two months ago. Inside the salad are pickled carrots (julienned then soak in salt water for 10min. Squeeze excess liquid out then add a splash of vinegar and sugar), shredded cabbage, corianders, mints and cucumbers. She added rice wine vinegar and tid bit of sesame oil to the salad and mixed.

Very refreshing on a hot day! It's light with a tiny bit of vinegar hint in it. ShinChan was thoroughly pleased with this salad. I would like it to be a bit more soury and sweet so perhaps a few more dash of white vinegar and probably more sugar. It's best served chilled too.

Kylie Kwong - Mrs Jiang Fried Egg
♥ Mrs Jiang's Home Style Fried Eggs
This is wholesome! This is more like zha dan (literary deep fried egg but rhymes with egg bomb) to me. Kylie added about half a bottle of peanut oil to the wok. Heat it up and then pour freshly cracked free-range eggs into the oil. Let it cooked in the hot oil. If necessary, use spatula to move some of the hot oil onto the eggs.

What you get is a fluffy and crispy fried eggs with soft runny yolk centre! The fried egg was topped with a generous sprinkle of oyster sauce, sliced shallots and sliced chilli. The egg is rich with an intense peanut aroma glowing from the eggs. This dish reminded me of my granny's breakfast sunny side eggs. They tasted very similar.

Kylie Kwong - Fried Rice
♥ Delicious Fried Rice
Next up was the famous fried rice. This is delicious. ShinChan had a craving for fried rice after sampling this.

Kylie Kwong and Young Foodie Fans
♥ The charming Kylie
Here's a clearer picture of Kylie Kwong. Notice there are some young foodies!

Macro Cafe
♥ Macro Cafe
Here's a quick view of Macro, taken when I was lining up at the Macro Cafe to grab an organic fruit frappe ($6.50 for large).

Macro Wholefood
♥ Macro Whole Foods
This is the front of Macro. It's bright and spacey. A very comfy place to shop in. I like the bamboo lighting too.

Macro - Organic Cakes
♥ Range of organic cakes
As a sweet-tooth, the first thing I headed towards in the supermarket is the cake section! There are a great range of delicious, mouthwatering organic cakes. Many of them are gluten free.

Beside the bakery section, there are also a butcher section and deli section, all of them of course offer organic products!

On the day, there were quite a bit of food samples around the store. We tried a very rich, dark, creamy chocolate from Booja Booja: champagne truffles and hazelnut crunch rocher. Their chocolate is organic, wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. Gosh this sure is a long sentence. Imagine the Booja Booja guy repeating this for the whole afternoon. The hazelnut crunch rocher got me enticed and walked in sort of a daze. No photos unfortunately. I was a bit worried about warnings from staff about no photography sessions inside.

We definitely are making our way to Billy Kwong.

fyi: Kylie's Recipes
Mrs Jiang's Homemade Fried Egg
Delicious Fried Rice

♥ Macro Whole Foods
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