Sunday, November 21, 2004

Value Thai Grub: In Chan Thai Restaurant

In Chan - TakeAway Pad Thai Chicken
♥ Pad Thai Chicken $7
No, I did not grab this take-away pad-thai chicken from a food court. This take-away pad thai is probably at the top-most of our most wanted lunch take-away list. Why is it that we drool over a normal looking pad-thai in a take-away box? I, myself, am not sure too. But when it comes to my lunch meet-up with k (a friend who wishes to remain anonymous ;-D) or ShinChan in the city, this pad-thai is the most requested take-out food order I receive and need to deliver to them.

This pad-thai comes from a Thai restaurant along the Kingfords strip of Anzac Parade; a notable cheap eats territory in Sydney. It's near the University of New South Wales, so I guess that explains the large serving with a low price index.

Oh, sorry. I havent mentioned the name of the restaurant yet. It's In Chan Thai. They have very decent priced lunch box specials, all for $7! We have tried most of the item on the lunch menu and there are a few that have us drooling over now that we have moved out of the area.

♥ tabeshimashita on 21 Nov 2004
In Chan Thai, Kingsford
In Chan - Pad Thai Chicken
♥ Pad Thai Chicken $7
We were in the area today so we stopped by at In Chan Thai for lunch. We were worried there wont be any lunch box special because it's Sunday today. Luckily, the lunch box special is on everyday of the week except for monday when the restaurant has its day off.

Again, we had pad-thai chicken. There's just something about the wonderful balance of sweet, salty and sourness that have us constantly craved for. But the quality actually varies from time to time. I am not sure why. Sometimes the pad-thai is really good (like today), sometimes it's not so. A different chef, maybe?

You can also choose to have pad-thai beef, pork or vegetarian too if chicken is not up to your fancy. FYI, the same pad-thai costs $12 during dinner!

In Chan - Thai Beef Noodle Soup
♥ Thai Beef Noodle Soup $7
k craves for this always. She talks about this beef noodle soup every time the topic of Thai food came up. The beef broth is thick and has a very strong herbal aromatic hint. The beef serving is very generous and there are also two small beef-balls. We suspected the crunchy looking yellow thing on top is deep-fried pork skin but we are not sure. (Does anyone have any idea?) The thin rice noodles are very soft, silky and a little bouncy in your mouth. I wonder if there is anywhere we could grab fresh thai noodles here in Sydney.

ShinChan had this for the first time today and he couldnt stopped marvelling about how good it tasted. If you like heavily flavoured food, then this beef noodle soup is for you. For those with a light palate, this might be a tad too strong. I had to dilute the soup with water.

Also on the lunch special menu is green curry fried rice with chicken. Sorry, no pics today. This is one of my favourite fried rice in Sydney. Note that this is not fried rice with curry on the side. This is actually green curry sauce stir into fried rice. There are also the more common thai dishes like basil chili chicken, red and green curry. These are all served with rice. Another notable lunch special would be the shrimp-paste fried rice with pork slices and fried egg on the side.

One last thing, this beef noodle soup isnt available during dinner. Nor is the green curry fried rice and shrimp-paste fried rice. Now that's really some lunch box specials! If you want to try, you would have to come during lunch. This is probably the downside to it.

In Chan Thai Restaurant
482 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
ph. +61 2 9663 3356
tues-sun: lunch & dinner