Monday, December 20, 2004

Chrissie is Just Round the Corner!

It's my first Aussie Chrissie (Christmas in Australian slang). It's also my first Chrissie in a Western country. So lots of white (snow), red (santa), green (mistletoe?), gold (lights) and lots of silly songs were expected.

Then the fact came rolling through.
Summer = No snow
Oh, I think I just saw Santa surfing. Skinny and well-built one too! *drool*
Summer = green plants = lotsa mossies *itch*
Christmas *blink* Lights *blink* is *blink* everyway *blink* except when blackout *?* happened every now and then
Chrissie songs also have new meanings: Santa Never Made It Into Darwin, Australians Let Us Barbeque and Santa's Moving to South Pole.

I was a little disappointed until I spotted these:
DJ Cakes - Small Yule Logs
♥ Christmas Yule Log Cakes at David Jones
I want one of this for Christmas. *hint*

DJ Cakes - Long Yule Logs
♥ More Yule Logs, also at David Jones
Wow! A longer and larger yule log Cakes. I want this please. *hint-hint*

Wait. The smaller log cake on the left is $61.95? *yikes* Quick change of mind. Can I please have this?

DJ Cakes - Santa Christmas Cake
♥ Santa Christmas Cakes
Then I spotted these cute marzipan coated fruit cakes. Don't think anyone would have the heart to permanently scarred Santa's face!

DJ Cakes - Christmas Cakes
♥ More Christmas Cakes
And there are more. Also spotted were mini mince tarts and pies (?).

Christmas Tree at Martin  Place
♥ Christmas Tree at Martin Place
The not-so-gigantic Christmas Tree at Martin Place. I remembered the Christmas Tree at Martin Place a little larger, taller and more festive. Is my memory fading?

Christmas Tree at The Rocks
♥ Christmas Tree at The Rocks
The Christmas Tree at The Rocks is a lot smaller but also a lot more festive.

The Festive Strand Arcade
♥ The Festive Strand Arcade
Strand Arcade is beautifully and festively decorated. Not much silly songs heard but the festive touch is strong in the tranquile atmosphere.

Colefax Chocolate - Santa Penguin & Plum Pudding Truffle
♥ Santa Penguin and Plum Pudding A$90/kg
These are from Colefax Chocolates. The penguins are just so cute with their tiny red hats. A lady was buying a lot of Santa Penguin when this photo was taken.

Colefax Chocolate - Snowman &  Christmas Log
♥ Snowman & Christmas Logs A$90/kg
It's just too hard to miss the cute bright smile on snowman's face!

Shopping hours have also been extended! Shops are opened until 10pm from 23rd. Now this feels more like home. But the best bits come on boxing day when everything starts to go no sale! *yay*