Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chrissy Barbie Part2: By the Beach

I joined my uni friends for a second pre-Christmas barbie by the beach. Weather was gloomy and we were worried about the rain. Thank God, it didn't rain until we had all our food cooked.

This was a more Aussie barbie with beers, meats. And then more beers and meat. And more beers and meat!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Bronte Beach on 23rd December 2004
Almost Ready Succulent Chicken Wings
♥ BBQ Chicken Wings
Sweet and succulent chicken wings in a secret marinade recipes. The wings were gone in a jiffy!

BBQ Sauces
♥ text here
The sauce department, still very Asian oriented. There were Thai sweet chili sauce, Nando's Hot Peri Peri sauce, Masterfoods Teriyaki marinade and Indonesian Sambal Bajak (mild).

Now we all know what's the secret marinade recipe! ;-)

Guys Cooking Up a Storm
♥ Guys Cooking
There we had the juicy and succulent chicken wings in beautiful marinades, turkey sausages and lamb chops. We also had pork sausages which was actually more popular than the turkey sausages.

Refreshing Salads
♥ Refreshing Salads
The girls had plenty of the colourful salad! Fresh lettuce, green and red capsicum, carrots, corns, chickpeas, kidney beans and cucumber with Kraft Thousand Island dressing.

Summer Fruits
♥ Summer Fruits
The meat grub was revived with tropical summer fruits: seedless grapes, lychees and cherry!

Santa MudCake
♥ Santa Mud Cake
Our healthy fruity revival was soon sabotaged by the devil-angel Santa mud Cake from Michel Patisserie.