Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Good Breakfast to Start!: Pinkcocoa's Savoury Egg Roll

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I am experiencing a tiny glitch in food blogging after hearing about the tsunami tragedy. But, I am back now. Yes. Once again. I am back. Sorry to have taken so many holidays on food blogging. *blush* I shall update on my Christmas dinner soon. No new year food pics though since we decided not to do anything.

Closer Look at Taiwanese Egg Roll
♥ Pinkcocoa's Taiwanese Scallion Egg Roll
To start off my first post for the year, I am sharing a very simple recipe of Taiwanese breakfast delicacy: cong you dan bing (egg pancake with scallions). This is, of course, my own version and does not look anyway similar to the real thing.

♥ Cong You Dan Bing

1 pc store-bought dumpling skin*
1 egg, beaten
1 tbsp chopped scallions or green onions
Oil, amount depending on whether you are using non-stick or not.
Salt, to taste

To Make:
1. Roll out the dumpling skin into a large almost transparent round as thin and as large as you can.
2. Heat oil in pan. Add dumpling skin and panfried until the underside is slightly brown. Sprinkle some salt over.
3. Pour egg onto the skin. Sprinkle scallions over. Using a spatula, lift up any bits of egg that overflows the dumpling skin and bring it back towards the center of the dumpling skin. This is to maintain the circular shape of the egg roll.
4. Once the egg is slightly set, roll up the egg pancake** (egg side in). The egg will continue to cook inside the pancake.
5. Eat as it is or enjoy with Taiwanese sweet and spicy sauce (tian la jiang).

* I used left-over dumpling skin/sheets (sui jiao pi) . I particularly like this brand called "xuan yan" (double sheep). You could buy a pack of 30 sheets at Coles or Woolies for around $1.50.
** I didn't roll up my egg roll this time because I was craving for cong you bing (Chinese savoury scallion pancake) so I left it as it is. I added the scallions also because I wanted cong you bing. You could use leftover dumpling skin to make cong you bing too but I was a little lazy to do so besides I wanted to use up the eggs too.

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♥ Pinkcocoa's scallion egg pancake
I guess this would classify more as a pancake instead of a roll since it is not rolled up. We had this for brunch the day following boxing day. This homemade version has much less oil and fat so makes a good meal following days of over-indulgences.

We also had a gourmet rolled up version with heaps of prawns inside. It makes a good food-to-go too, particularly for picnic. I have also slipped shredded cheddar cheese and smoke salmon in too.

This is just a quick and easy way to use up leftover dumplnig skin. Most of the time, we don't know what to do with the extra dumpling skin. I have found dumpling skin to be quite versatile. You can even use it to make lasagna! So don't throw away any leftover dumpling skin or let it dry up in your fridge. Use them to create any dishes that involve a plain flour dough ;-)