Thursday, December 30, 2004

Asia Tsunami: Shocking Waves to End

Asia Tsunami: what a shocking waves to end the year 2004. An earthquake peaked at 9.0 on the richter scale claimed its anger over a vast area of the continent on 26th December 2004. A day that was meant to be filled with joy and love. Instead the quake brought with it a terribly gigantic tsunami which has up until now claimed the life of more than 80,000 across South East Asia.

The news, stories and pictures of the devastating earthquake and tsunami have left behind a trail of great sorrows inside everyone of us. I am sure many are speechless at the scenes on tv and papers; either in shock or not knowing how and what to respond to the tragedy.

I never knew the true meaning of tsunami until now. I have thought of it as a cute word. Name of a cocktail. Cute surfing Aussie-Japanese movie: Bondi Tsunami. What a sad way to learn.

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