Thursday, January 27, 2005

Australia Day!

It was Australia Day yesterday. We were thinking about joining the crowds in the city for some Aussie celebrations. Afterall, it's my first Australia Day in Australia. Er... This sentence sounds a little weird. What I mean is I have never been around in Australia when it's Australia Day.

Anyhow, the two of us came down with a cold last week so the idea was scraped. Instead we stayed home (beside heading out for lunch and gelato! post to come next) and pigged ourselves out. *burp*

♥ tabeshimashita on 26jan2005 Australia Day!
Mango Okara Pancake
♥ Tropical Okara Pancake
To start the day, we had okara pancake topped with lemon butter from Blue M Food Co. purchased at the Northside Produce Market and some diced fresh mangoes! The breakfast was very much like a yummilicious dessert. Great treats to start the day!

We bought some dinner ingredients on our way home from window-shopping.

♥ Aussie-inspired Salad
I guess I am lacking the black colour here to represent the Aboriginal Flag. This was a quick salad. I put together shredded cabbage, carrots, cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes and dressed with a mixture of honey, plum vinegar and olive oil. I shouldn't have included the lemon there because I didn't realise the plum vinegar was already sour and salty! I had to add extra sugars to balance out the acidity and saltiness. I should really tasted the vinegar before I use it. :p

Beetroot Papperdelle in Bacon Sour Cream Sauce with Thai Beef Burger
♥ Aussie-inspired Dinner
Here we had beetroot papperdelle from Pastabilities (purchased from Northside Produce Market) in a bacon and sour cream sauce. The lady at Pastabilities told me the papperdelle is delicious with sour cream so I gave it a go. I cooked the beetroot papperdelle salted boiling water with a few slices of beetroot: an advice from Pastabilities so the pasta would retain a beautiful redish colour.

As for the sauce, I panfried diced bacon until fragance then added a tub of sour cream (lite of course). To my horror, the sour cream turned into liquid the moment it hit the hot frying pan! I tried adding some cheese but it was still liquidy. So in the end, I had to resort to some liquid thickening agent: cornstarch and water. And yes! It worked. The sauce thicken quickly. So in went the pasta.

We grabbed the Thai beef burger pattie on our way home. So for dinner, we had some strange Aussie images compiled all on one plate. Somehow, I just couldn't shake off the idea of beetroot and bacon in burgers. Thus the beetroot papperdelle with bacon. The BBQ beef burger reminded me of my first ever Oz barbie. It was in an emu farm! ;-)

The papperdelle was very light and so easily to overeat! The sour cream brings a soury taste to the sweet beetroot papperdelle, creating a wonderful palatable combination that prompts you to have more, more and more!

♥ Divine Dessert
Seriously, I think we should pigged out on lamingtons and pavlova for Australia Day. But these two grabbed our attention when we were buying our desserts.

Caramel Kisses
♥ Caramel Kisses A$2.50
The caramel kisses was a tad too hard to bite on when it was just out from the fridge. We had quite a good right arm exercise to get out first bite. We should have left it return to room temperature first before digging in. :p

It has a soft chewy coconut shortbread-like crust with a soft & sweet caramel centre. The caramel centre was chewy too. This caramel kisses is indeed a hard dessert to bite off. It requires a bit of an effort from your mouth before the dessert came apart from its main body. I guess this kissing-like action is what gives its name!

Sour Cherry Tart
♥ Sour Cherry Tart A$3
Sorry about the blur photo here. I was in a hurry to go enjoy my dessert before it's all gone. The sour cherry is very..hmm..sour. Very appertizing I must say and went along very well with the sweet custard. The tart is light and a little crunchy. I suspect much of the crunchiness came from the chocolate court on the inside of the tart.

We had a rather relaxing Australia Day. Too bad about our cold else we would have loved to join the crowd for some fireworks!