Monday, January 10, 2005

Asian Vegan Inspired!

♥ tabeshimashita @ home on 07 Jan 2005
Asian Vegan Inspired Vegetarian Curry Dinner
♥ Vegetarian Curry Dinner
This was the dinner we had before ShinChan left for Kuala Lumpur. We were trying to clear the fridge before he left. Rumbling through the fridge and pantry, I found:
- cabbage
- firm tofu
- carrot
- onion
- Jap curry cubes
- egg
- sweet corn

Not sure of what I could do with them, suddenly Asian Vegan creative dishes popped into my mind. Taaaa-daaaaaa. That sure was a glowing-lightbulb-above-my-head moment!

I used the first 5 ingredients to make a quick vegetarian curry. The Japanese curry cube was not spicy enough, so I added some other spices to spice it up a bit. Unfortunately, I didnt have turmeric powder at home so I added paprika and cayenne pepper, and also a sprinkle of cinammon powder. I also sauteed the carrots and onions with crushed ginger and garlic, and some Indonedian deep fried shallots. The result was wonderful!

Had some firm tofu leftover, so I marinated them in a mixture of fish sauce, soy sauce, ShaoHsing Wine (Chinese Glutinous Rice Wine), grated palm sugar and lemongrass. Then panfried it. I used the egg and sweet corns to make golden fried rice. I didn't season my fried rice though since the curry was already spicy and heavy taste.

ShinChan was dreading a vegetarian meal but had found this to be wonderful. He certainly would be getting more of vegetarian meals in the future ;-)