Friday, January 21, 2005

Northside Produce Market

♥ Tabeshimashita @ Northside Produce Market on 15 Jan 2005
Northside Produce Market
I headed to the Northside Produce Market last Saturday since there was no Pyrmont Grower's Market in January. Needed to stock up my pantry with goodies so I decided to head to the Northside Produce Market held every third Saturday just outside the North Sydney Council.

Not much of writing this time. I will just let the photos do all the talking! I have snapped up quite a few photos while I was there. ;-)

Fresh Vegetables from the Market
♥ super fresh green vegetables straight from the farmers!
This was the first stall that greeted me. Minding the stalls were a few young Asians in their early 20s. Veggies weren't exceptionally cheap at the market but they are so fresh, it's hard to not buy them!

Wagyu Beef
♥ Wagyu Beef
Very expensive beef. Haven't yet tried them. Have any of you tried them?

Goat Cheese
♥ Goat Cheeses
There are so many different types but I didn't try them. I am a little scared of the special smell!

Goodness Fruits & Nuts
Honest to Goodness Organic and Natural Foods
Honest to Goodness offers organic and natural dried fruits and nuts at a very reasonable price. Just look at the long queue. It was truely a test of patience for pinkcocoa. I waited there for probably about 15minutes and a man jump-queued by rudely budging in right in front of me. He had been waiting for about 3 min I would say and he was already losing his patience. When he budged in, he slamped his shopping trolley on the ground almost hitting my left foot!

Italian WoodFired Oven Bread
♥ Italian Woodfire Oven Bread
I was tempted to grab a few of this home, especially the pizza bases. Hmmm, maybe I should have done so and I would enjoying a slice of pizza right now as I am typing this.

Mozarella Cheese & Canoli
♥ Italian Gourmets!
Lots of people were seen buying the canoli and the mozzarella rolls for an instant breakfast!

Blue M Food Co
♥ Blue M Food Co.
Have I ever told you I am hooked with their lemon & mango butter (A$7 ea)? I have their lime butter, lemon butter and mango butter in my fridge. It's really yummy on yogurt or ice-cream! Perfect for an instant dessert!

♥ Berries Products
Lovely blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries. It's cute berries heaven at this stall. Assorted berries jams and dessert sauces were also spotted here.

Apple Pie
♥ Homemade Country Apple Pie
This reminds me of having a picnic in the woods (think Enid Blyton!). :p

Fresh Peaches
♥ Fresh Juicy Peaches
These were a bargain. I think it was $5 for a box but I am not sure. There were many stalls selling peaches that day since they are in season right now.

Fresh Nectarines
♥ Succulent Nectarines
I like nectarines better than peaches but I don't mind either. I love stone fruits especially white nectarines and white peaches! Oh, apricots are yummies too.

Nectarine Tart
♥ Homemade Pies from A$10 - A$18
The peaches and nectarines stall also had homemade pies with different fillings: apple, nectarines, currants, and apricots.

Fresh Summer Fruits
♥ Summer Fruits
Mangoes, passionfruits and lychees make perfect summer fruit salad. Topped with a large scoop of ice-cream. It's heavenly!

Whisk and Pin
♥ Whisk & Pin
I heard Whisk and Pin has the best muesli in Sydney! Grab them at gourmet delis and David Jones. Didn't spot the Rocky Road Muesli as seen at Grab Your Fork.

Sweets from Whisk and Pin
♥ Yummies Goodies from Whisk and Pin
Did I tell you how good the mueli cookies (A$3 ea) were?

Picnic Braekfast
♥ Relaxing....
Relax with a good cup of coffee and danishes on the greens after a quick round of shopping.

♥ now...what pinkcocoa bought:
♥ organic bacon rounds
Can't remember the correct name for this bacon but the pork is organic, free range, free of chemicals and antibiotics etc....

Fresh Figs
♥ Fresh figs
Couldn't believe myself for grabbing a bargain here. A$0.50 for one fig! I bought 6 but now I wish I bought a box!

Kangaroo Pasta
♥ Kangaroo shaped pasta A$6
Too cute to miss.

♥ Pastabilities
I am in love with their tomato & chili jam. They have magnificent ravioli!

Fresh Vegetables
♥ Assorted very fresh veggies
Carrots A$2.50 a bag; beans A$2.50 a bag; lemongrass A$1 per stalk and baby spinach A$4 a bag.

♥ Northside Produce Market
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at:
200 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
ph. 02 9922 2299