Thursday, January 13, 2005

Goodies for You: Banana Bread

♥ Tabeshimashita @ Goodies For You Bakery on 11 Jan 2005
Goodies For You Bakery Banana Bread
♥ Goodies For You Bakery Banana Cake
The weather in Sydney is finally warming up. With the hotter weather approaching, I find myself getting a little low in energy and rather unmotivated to do anything. Human body is just amazing. It can pick up on the nutritions that you lack and send you off to a particular cravings on certain food. My lack of energy is being treated to a craving on banana bread. So I bought half a loaf of banana bread from Goodies for You Bakery for A$7.50. Better value than just buying one slice for A$2.90.

Dense and Moist Low Fat Banana Bread
♥ Rich and Dense Bread
The banana bread is moist, low fat, no yeast and no dairy! Note the power word there: low fat. This means that I can enjoy the bread without worrying too much! Yippeeee.

Very moist and sticky Banana Bread
♥ Moist and Sweet
The banana bread was a little sticky on the outside and rather heavy on weight. On opening the clear plastic wrap, I was greeted with a nice caramel-honeylike aroma but not so much of a banana flavour. I also couldn't trace any tiny black bits that you spot on the usual banana bread.

Toasted Banana Bread
♥ Toasted Banana Bread
I decided to enjoy the bread toasted with honey drizzled on top. The banana flavour was a little more distinct after toasted. At least, I could smell a faint banana aroma coming from my toaster.

Crispy outside Soft inside Banana Bread
♥ Crispy yet Smooth
The bread is already rather sweet in itself. I really like the crispy part of the bread after toasted while the inside is still soft and moist. I find adding honey can be a bit on the sweeter end but then again, honey adds compliment to the banana flavour. So I added a just a tinted layer of honey on top. This can also be enjoyed butter.

I froze the rest of the bread and this means I will have ample supply of an instant energy boost breakfast or afternoon tea at home. Oh and don't forgot a cup of hot chocolate to go with the bread! This is just superbly divine!

Goodies for You Bakery
Shop 20 (of Crows Nest Plaza)
103-111 Willoughby Road
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