Thursday, January 27, 2005

HongHa Hot Bread

We decided to grab a cheap lunch while we were in the Eastern Suburbs.

♥ tabeshimashita @ HongHa Hot Bread on 26 Jan 2005 - Australia Day!
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♥ HongHa Hot Bread
So we headed to Mascot for our favourite Vietnamese Chicken Roll. Usually, there would be a really long queue emerging from the shop. There wasn't anyone inside the bakery at all when we got there which was not at all that strange because it was already 3pm. Lunchtime was long over! In fact, the bakery has already started cleaning up.

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♥ The Menu
In we went to the strangely deserted shop and to our horror, oh hm I mean surprise, HongHa had decided to increase their price. Everything up by 50c! So our favourite chicken roll has gone from A$3 to A$3.50! My favourite salad and cheese roll (A$2.50 to A$3) with extra cheese (A$0.50 for any extra fillings)would now be A$3.50 instead of A$3. *sigh*

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♥ Lady filling up our rolls
It was a rather hot day and pinkcocoa didn't have much appetite so we decided to grab just a chicken roll without chilli since the two of us had sorethroat.

On a normal day, there would be at least 3-4 persons at work behind the counter at HongHa. There was only 1 lady when we were there yesterday and the clear glass counter had already been cleaned. Clearly, the bakery was preparing to close soon.

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♥ Chicken Roll A$3.50
Here's the chicken roll that would have the two of us drool most if ever we were to leave Sydney.
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♥ Revealing our fav: Chicken Roll
Inside the chicken roll are shredded pickled carrots (it tasted a little soury and very appertising), cucumbers, corianders, tomatoes and of course shredded chicken with some mysterious seasoning and mayo.

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♥ Crusty Spongy Bread Roll
We just love the crunchy crust and the soft spongy bread roll. My favourite of the chicken roll would be the carrots. It's slightly pickled so it's very more-ish. I also love the combination of cheese with salad in the bread roll. ShinChan had to pick out the shredded chicken for me when we shared this chicken roll. (Have I ever mentioned that I am half-vegetarian with a weak spot for sausages.......)

We have not tried their meatball rolls or pork roll yet. Somehow we always ended up buying chicken roll, and salad & cheese roll even though we were determined to try their meatball rolls and pork roll. Weird huh? Maybe next time.......

HongHa Hot Bread
1151 Botany Road
Mascot NSW 2020
tel. +61 2 9667 2069
fax. +61 2 9667 0557